Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1449 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1449

At the Buchams, Zachary’s exclusive cars came early.

Zachary was Josh’s good buddy and boss. He was also Josh and Jasmine’s matchmaker Of course, Zachary and his wife arrived early

The Bucham and Sox elders were present.

Seeing Liam and Tania get out of the car, the Bucham and Sox elders went to greet them first, followed by Josh and Jasmine.

As Liam and Tania did not know Jasmine’s parents, Josh’s parents introduced Jasmine’s parents to Tania.

After shaking each other’s hands and making small talk, Mrs Sox stared at Tania and said with a smile, “Mrs. York looks like Zachary’s sister. She has such a youthful appearance”

After getting out of the car, Serenity walked over and overheard Mrs Sox’s words She laughed and added, “Exactly. When I shopped around with my mom, other people thought we were sisters.”

Tania grinned and replied, “Both of you know how to make me happy”

Mrs. Sox said, “Mrs. York, we’re not trying to make you happy We’re telling the truth As someone who watched Serenity grow up, I know she’s an honest person. What she’s saying is true”

Serenity and Jasmine were best friends. Mrs. Sox usually took good care of Serenity Whenever there was good food in the house, Mrs. Sox would ask Serenity to come over for a meal or get Jasmine to take the food to the shop for Serenity.

With this mere point, Tania was ready to show respect for Mrs. Sox.

She had a hearty conversation with Mrs. Sox.

Mrs. Bucham welcomed everyone into the house.

Serenity finally found time to have a private conversation with her best friend.

“Is Liberty getting better?”

Jasmine first asked about Liberty’s condition.

She had been busy with her engagement. All she did was call Liberty to ask about her condition in the past two days. She did not visit Liberty in the hospital.

“She’s recovering well. She’ll be discharged after a week to rest at home. My sister asked me to bring you this engagement gift. She hopes that you and Mr. Bucham stay sweet and live happily ever after till a ripe old age.”

Jasmine smiled and said, “Help me thank Liberty. Josh and I will stay sweet until we’re old. Why didn’t you bring Sonny over?”

“I was thinking about bringing Sonny over, but my sister didn’t allow it. She said Sonny would be like a mobile third wheel Sonny was angry about it, saying that he was Sonny, not a third wheel

At the mention of her cute nephew, Serenity could not stop laughing.

That kid hated being called a third wheel the most.

When Zachary called Sonny a third wheel last time, Sonny was mad. Sonny emphasized that he was not a third wheel but Sonny Brown!

Jasmine was amused.

Zachary and Josh walked over.


The two men addressed their wives as ‘honey’.

Since Josh and her engagement party was already being held, Jasmine did not mind being called ‘ honey’.

“Seren, I’ll serve the guests first.” As the main character tonight, Jasmine needed to attend to every guest.

“Alright, go ahead. We’ll continue with our talk next time.”

Jasmine walked toward Josh. She hooked her hand around his arm and walked out of the villa to welcome the guests.

Zachary walked up to Serenity and said softly, “Let me stroll around the Buchams’ villa with you. Once all the guests show up, we’ll have to speak on stage since we’re the matchmakers.”

Serenity asked, “Both of us have to speak on stage, huh?”

“We’re both their matchmakers.”

Serenity hooked her hand around Zachary’s arm. “Okay. This will be the chance for me to express my wishes for my best friend.”


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