Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1453 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1453

Remy looked at Elisa smilingly and said, “I too think the Queen brothers don’t suit you, but it’s nice to appreciate them as beautiful scenery.”

Elisa nodded and felt that Remy knew her quite well.

Once all the guests had arrived, the engagement party officially began.

At the sight of Jasmine’s blissful look, Elisa said in admiration, “Among my three friends, two of them are in love and blissful. Cece and I are still single. It’s really admirable to see how happy Seren and Jasmine are.”

Zachary and Josh were people who could be counted on.

They were faithful in relationships.

Those who could win their hearts and become their wives would be greatly pampered forever.

Who would dislike being pampered?

“Your best friend has gotten over her past relationship, hasn’t she?” Remy casually asked. Then, he said, “You don’t have to worry too much. There’s sure to be a suitable man who walks into your life and gives you happiness in the future.”

Elisa said, “Even though Cece claimed that it doesn’t matter, how can she easily get over the relationship that had lasted for years? It was difficult and agonizing for me to get over my feelings for Zachary as well.”

Toward the end of Elisa’s sentence, her expression carried a sense of loneliness.

Since Zachary ended up being her cousin’s husband, she had no choice but to get over him. Seeing how well Zachary treated Serenity, Elisa acted as though she had gotten over him on the surface. Privately, she would always hide under her blanket because she would toss and turn in agony and have trouble sleeping the whole night.

Ever since Remy became her new neighbor, the number of times she thought about Zachary had reduced probably because she often chatted with Remy. Besides, being involved in investment distracted her.

When she saw Zachary and Serenity being lovey–dovey, all she felt for them was admiration. There was not a tinge of jealousy.

She had really gotten over Zachary.

Even so, not everyone could get over their relationships as Elisa did.

“Cece is also here tonight. I saw her just now and greeted her, but her mom soon called her away.”

Elisa’s eyes swept the crowd as she wanted to search for her best friend. With so many guests, she had no idea where all of them were seated. She did not spot her best friend.

Remy looked at Elisa and wanted to ask her what she thought of him.

However, he bit his tongue.

It was not the right timing yet.

Currently, Elisa had really gotten over Zachary. Nevertheless, the Stones still guarded against Remy as if he were a thief. Every time he shamelessly visited the Stones or sponged food off them, Mrs. Stone’s face would be grave.

The Stones looked down on him for not being a Wiltspoon local.

He was in no rush to get together with Elisa.

If Elisa fell in love with her, he would stand a great chance of succeeding.

“Elisa, you’re bold in expressing your love and hatred. I admire girls like you.”

Elisa laughed and replied, “Thank you. I know I have quite a good personality. I think those who dislike and badmouth me are simply jealous of me.”

“That’s right. They’re jealous of you.”

Elisa possessed enviable qualities.

It was now time for a toast to the engaged couples on stage.

As their matchmakers, Zachary and his wife returned to their seats.

Coincidentally, Zachary was seated with the four members of the Queens. Besides, the head of the Buchams and Kevin were at the same table.

Kevin was called over by Zachary to sit here.

Kevin knew full well that his brother and sister–in–law had perceived Hayden as his woman ever since his nana chose Hayden for him. Given that it was rare for Hayden to make a trip to

Wiltspoon, his brother would definitely arrange for him to get along with Hayden.

At the moment, Kevin was seated right beside Hayden.


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