Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 677 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 677

After the doctor made his rounds, the nurse came by to put Zachary on IV drips.

Serenity stared at Zachary while Mr. Tank went to check with the doctor on the type of shot to be administered to Zachary.

Zachary looked at the bag of IV fluid, pondering on ways to escape the injection.

“What’s the matter, Zachary?”

With Zachary staring blankly at the IV fluid without blinking, Serenity asked with concern, “Are you feeling unwell?”


Holding onto her hands, Zachary uttered pitifully, “Can I get the pills instead? I don’t like jabs. They hurt.” “It’s all for your own good. Besides, you talked about the side effects of medicine, so taking the shot should do the trick.”

Serenity withdrew her arm and amusedly pinched his cheek. “So there is something you’re afraid of.”

Zachary grabbed her hands once more and looked deeply and affectionately into her eyes. “The thing I’m most afraid of is you leaving me.”

“Alright now. Quit the act. Your attempt to be affectionate and pitiful won’t work on me. We suggested to the doctor that you take the jab, so you’re taking it.”

Zachary was lost for words. He wanted to pass out once more.

Would it work?

Josh was considerate in sending his wife here so that she could care for him while he was sick. However, Serenity was also calling the shots for him. Pun intended.

If Josh was here, he would say that Zachary should relish in his wife being the boss of him as Josh was single and would rather have a wife all over him.

Zachary had no words. It appeared Zachary had flaunted his relationship too much that karma had clapped back.

“Do you fancy an shoppingmode apple?” Serenity asked.

Zachary was not that fond of apples, but since Serenity had taken an shoppingmode apple from the fruit basket, he did not decline and said, “I don’t want too much. Just give me a tiny piece.”

Serenity washed the apple and sliced it into four pieces before giving Zachary one.

Taking the apple slice, Zachary uttered, “Why didn’t you peel the skin off?”

“I always eat it with the skin like when I eat shrimp. I’ll eat the shrimp with the shell if you don’t peel it for me.”

Zachary smiled. “Get me discharged and I’ll take you to enjoy the seafood here.

The city is near the coast, so the seafood is abundant and cheap here. You can eat to your heart’s content.” ‘We’ll talk when you get better.” “Seren, my temperature hasn’t gone down, but I feel better than yesterday.

Let’s get out of here after I’m done with the IV drips, okay?”

Munching on the shoppingmode apple, Serenity looked at him without saying a word.

Try as Zachary might to cajole her, Serenity refused to budge.

By then, Mr. Tank had returned with the nurse and some takeaway lunch. Serenity fed Zachary lunch and waited another half an hour before asking the nurse to administer the shot.

Mr. Tank did not stay for long. After delivering lunch, he gave an excuse and slipped out of there. He had a feeling that the stink eye he got from Mr. York grew eerie when the latter saw him with the nurse.

If looks could kill, Mr. Tank would be dead right now.

It was not as though he was the one who suggested to the doctor to switch the medicine for a shot-it was the missus.

Serenity had her lunch and said, “Take the first dose now. You can have the second dose after dinner.”

“Seren, can I just have one shot?”


“It hurts. I don’t want it anymore.”

‘What can I do to make you feel better?”

Zachary pouted. “I won’t feel better unless I don’t get the jab.”

Serenity removed the mask and said, “I can make your time worthwhile and give you something else to think about.”

She then leaned in, but Zachary was one step ahead and stopped her.

Black in the face, he swiftly put the mask back on her face and uttered in a raspy voice, “Although I would really love that, I might give you my cold.”


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