Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 678 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 678

Serenity uttered with joy in her eyes. “Hang in there then. You’re thirty years old, Zachary. How can a thirty-year-old manly man be afraid of a shot?”

It turned out Zachary was afraid of needles.

Zachary had better prayed not to be sick if he ever crossed her again. She would get the doctor to administer shots to him for any illness he had.

With Zachary tensing his facial muscles without a word, Serenity leaned into his ear and whispered,

“Be a good boy and take the shot, Zachary. Then, I can go all the way with you and go back. Call it a reward since I rushed over to take care of you.”

Zachary’s dark eyes were sparkling. He asked, “Can I?”

Sitting straight, Serenity smiled through her eyes. “Once you get discharged from the hospital.

“How about it? Are you going to take the shot?”

Looking rather conflicted, Zachary rolled up his sleeve and put his hand out in the end. He closed his eyes and took the shot like a champ.

While the injection was being administered, Zachary convinced himself in his mind, ‘It’s an ant’s bite. It’s an ant’s bite.’

His wife would reward him handsomely once he recovered from the cold.

A certain somebody readily admitted that he had been ogling at his wife for a while now.

It was most intense when he got her dressed once. He had been troubled by wet dreams at night.

Serenity was tempted to laugh as Zachary tried to keep a blank face throughout.

“You can have the first shot now. The second shot can be administered later,” Serenity said.

However, Zachary told the nurse, “I’ll take the pain in one go.” It was bad enough to suffer once, but the second time… He might as well tough it out all at once.

Zachary then put on a brave face for the second shot.

Serenity was speechless.

Well, at least Zachary got his daily doses.

Serenity watched as the nurse applied pressure to the injection site. He stared at Serenity with a straight face.

Serenity added, “The nurse will put a bandage on your boo-boo.”

She plucked some grapes and plopped them into his mouth. “Have some grapes and take your mind off the pain.”

Serenity then went to the loo.

Once she was gone, Zachary held his arm and screamed silently.

Serenity might just ask for more injections if he made a big deal out of it.

Zachary stuffed his mouth with grapes and hid his pain.

He vowed to himself to take care of his health, so he would never get sick again.

Zachary would rather die than take another shot.

Nevertheless, Zachary thought the shot was worth it at the thought that he and Serenity would become a real couple once he got better from his flu. Shhh…

He must not let anyone hear his thoughts, or he would get punished with more shots.

Ring, ring, ring…

Zachary’s phone rang.

He grabbed his phone and realized that it was Nana.

“Nana.’ “I heard you’re in the hospital.”

Grandma May added, “I hope you’re okay.”

“Just a cold, fever, cough, and sore throat. Nothing serious. I’ll be as good as new in a few days.”

With her mind at ease, Grandma May told him off, “Don’t overwork yourself. See, your body is susceptible to sickness when your immune system weakens. Since Seren is there, you and your wife can take time off work and spend some time together. Ultimately, you two get into fights easily because your relationship is not strong enough.” Their love for one another was not quite there yet.


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