Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 679 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 679

Zachary had developed feelings for Serenity first and fell head over heels for her while Serenity had only made a tiny step forward. She could shrink back into her shell at any time. He fell silent.

Zachary and Serenity often got into fights not just because their relationship was not strong enough. His personality and habits were parts of the reason too.

It was unlikely that Serenity would change for him. She was not the type to rely on men completely. Serenity would not even let him in the loops of things that she could handle by herself.

Hence, he had to change for her instead.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You always keep to yourself when I teach you how to chase your wife and build a relationship with her.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Zachary replied honestly.

Grandma May responded, ‘Why do I have such a senseless grandson like you? If your brothers and cousins are like you, I’d rather reunite with your grandpa than worry about all of you.”

Her sons and daughters-in-law were also worried, but it was the case of in one ear and out the other with these boys when their parents talked to them.

Grandma May had no choice but to meddle in her grandsons’ affairs despite her old age.

She must have been a matchmaker in her past life but the unsuccessful kind as she had a hard time with her grandsons’ marriages.

“Nana, I will handle my affairs. Just wait for your great-granddaughter to be born.”

“I’ll be long gone before that happens.” “The great-granddaughter will bring you back to life.”

Grandma May was speechless.

“I guess you must be feeling better since you can make me angry. I’m hanging up.”

Grandma May had to end the call before the brat gave her a heart attack and sent her to heaven to meet her husband.

She threw the phone onto the coffee table. The phone slid across the table and fell onto the ground. Callum swiftly caught the phone from falling.

“Where’s your new phone, Nana?” “It smashed and broke. You each bought me a phone. I have at least a dozen, so it can break for all I care.”

Callum answered, “Nana, did Zack make you angry again?”

Grandma May glared at him. “You boys will be the death of me. Look at you. You’re no better than Zack. You don’t even have a girlfriend. Why aren’t you out during the holidays? Why are you sitting around? Is a wife going to fall from the sky if you just sit here?”

Callum quickly put the phone in front of Grandma May and said, ‘Til head out right now and sit in the yard, Nana. I’ll wait for God to drop me a girlfriend from the sky.”

He had better slip away before his nana beat him up.

Callum walked away, only to come back as he had forgotten his phone.

The afternoon went by in a blink of an eye.

Nighttime arrived earlier in the winter. By six o’clock, the sky gradually turned dark.

It was brightly lit at the Stones’ residence.

Since it was a rare occasion for the Stones to organize an event, all guests arrived despite the last-minute invitation.

The exception was the Yorks, who did not quite get along with the Stones. Oh, in fact, the Stones did not send the Yorks an invitation.

It was mainly in consideration of Elisa.

Elisa had finally decided to let go of her feelings for Zachary. The presence of the Yorks might rekindle her feelings for Zachary and her harassment toward him.

Hence, Mrs. Stone-no matter how happy she was-decided against inviting Old Mrs. York to the event.Standing by Mrs. Stone were her daughter, Elisa, and her niece, Liberty. Liberty was holding Sonny’s hand.


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