Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 680 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 680

As Liberty was spilling on the sides, she did not wear a gown. It was mainly because there were no suitable evening dresses for her. It was too late to tailor one to her size.

Nevertheless, she put on some new clothes and painted her face naturally. She also wore a jewelry set gifted by Mrs. Stone that brought out a sense of privilege in her.

Sonny wore a mini suit. The little man was handsome, to begin with, and the suit only gave prominence to his attractive looks.

Any woman who had seen Sonny could not resist holding him.

The little guy was timid at first, but he soon got used to it and became bolder. He would sweetly thank anyone who complimented his looks. In fact, he became the star of the event.

“Ma’am, Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Duncan are here.”

With a maid approaching Mrs. Stone and informing the arrival of the distinguished guests, Mrs.Stone led her daughter and niece out to welcome them. Mrs. Stone held Liberty’s hand and said with a smile, “Come with me to welcome Mrs. Lewis,Liberty.

“Mrs. Lewis is Duncan’s mom. Duncan once helped you.”

Mrs. Stone briefly talked about Mrs. Lewis.Liberty nodded her head with a grin.

Aunt Audrey hosted the event with the intention of introducing Liberty and

Serenity to everyone and letting Wiltspoonians know that the Stone Group had the sisters’ backs.

Mrs. Stone led her daughter and niece out.

They ran into Mrs. Lewis and her son in the middle of the lawn.

“Mrs. Lewis. Mr. Duncan.” “Mrs. Stone.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Mrs. Stone welcomed Mrs. Lewis like they were good friends. Mrs. Lewis responded with the same enthusiasm.

Truth be told, they rarely greeted one another when they met.

It was because the Lewises were close to the Yorks.

Mrs. Lewis only came to the Stones’ party tonight as her youngest son was coming with her. Pigs would fly before Duncan would attend any social event. Curious, Mrs. Lewis attended the Stones’ party.

She wanted to know the reason her youngest son was willing to attend the event with her.

Duncan would rather die than go to an event with his mother.

After the two ladies of equal social standing exchanged greetings, they started to praise each other’s offspring.

Mrs. Lewis’s attention fell on Liberty after showering Mrs. Stone’s three children with compliments.

“Mrs. Stone, this must be your niece.”

Holding Liberty’s hand, Mrs. Stone replied with a smile, “This is my elder niece, Liberty. Her younger sister had an emergency and couldn’t make it tonight.”


As Mrs. Stone introduced Liberty to Mrs. Lewis, Duncan bent down and reached out to touch Sonny’s face. The little guy in a suit was the most adorable thing. Sonny shied away to stand behind Liberty.

For some reason, Sonny was afraid of Duncan.

Once again, Duncan awkwardly withdrew his arms.

Straightening his back, he embarrassedly smiled at Mrs. Stone and uttered, “Sonny is always scared of me.”

Mrs. Lewis picked up on something and asked, “Duncan, do you know Ms. Hunt?”

The way Duncan called someone else’s son was rather affectionate.

Duncan came clean. “Liberty used to work in my company. She handed in her resignation not too long ago.”

Sonny grabbed onto his mother’s clothes before poking his head out to stare at Duncan. Letting out a smile, Duncan clapped his hands and put his hands out to Sonny to gesture for Sonny to come close and give him a hug. He had been itching to hold this cute little man.


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