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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 681

Sonny recoiled behind his mother.

Turning around, Liberty picked her son up and said, “Sonny, this is Mr. Lewis. You met him before.”

Sonny simply stared at Duncan. As polite as he usually was, Sonny refused to say hello to Duncan.

“The child is beautiful,” Mrs. Lewis complimented. Mrs. Stone’s elder niece was broad around the beam, but her son was rather handsome.

“Duncan, your scary face scared the little guy. He won’t let you touch him.” Mrs. Lewis tore one into her youngest son.

Since the incident when Duncan got a cut on his face, Mrs. Lewis was all for her son to go under the knife to remove the scar and get his good looks back. However, the headstrong b*stard refused to take her advice and do the surgery. He had no consideration for his mother who nearly had a heart attack and cried so many nights over the accident.

Many years had passed, and the scar remained.

The once hunk now found himself single at thirty–five… Hang on. Duncan was about to celebrate his thirty–sixth birthday. The sons of other families were fathers of two or three kids at the age of thirty–five. Yet, there were no takers for her thirty–six–year–old son.

As Mrs. Lewis did not often find Duncan taking to a child, she seized the chance to have a go at him.

With a smile, Duncan replied, “That’s just because I’m not familiar with Sonny. He won’t be scared of me when we see each other more.”

Mrs. Lewis frowned. “See each other more?”

“Liberty rented one of my shops to turn into a breakfast place. I pass by that area on my way to work, so Sonny will see me every day,” Duncan explained.

“Please excuse me, Mrs. Stone, while I say hello to your son.”

Clive and his wife were receiving guests on the other end, so they were not with their mother.

Mrs. Stone gave a nod smilingly as Duncan made his way to Clive.

Mrs. Lewis took a few glances at Liberty but without any good intention. Without saying anything more to Liberty, Mrs. Lewis chatted with Mrs. Stone as they sauntered into the house.

Elisa waited until the two ladies were far before pulling Liberty aside and uttering,” Let’s kill time here and go into the house later so my mom has enough time to share about the pains of raising children with her friends.”

Curling her lips, Liberty understandingly answered, “Sure.”

“I don’t like the way Mrs. Lewis was looking at you, Liberty. Don’t take to heart how they look at you. With my mom around, they won’t dare try anything.”

Elisa could discern Mrs. Lewis’s disapproval of her cousin.

The moment Mrs. Lewis found out that Liberty had a shop off Duncan to start a restaurant, Elisa caught the wariness in Mrs. Lewis toward Liberty. It was like Mrs. Lewis was on guard against her cousin for eyeing Duncan.

“Elisa, I’m used to getting that kind of look.”

It did not bother Liberty at all.

Although Liberty was one of the stars of the event tonight, it was only for one night to get to know the upper crust of Wiltspoon.

She would leave the Stones‘ residence by daylight and return to her rented apartment. Liberty would be getting materials to renovate her shop for a fresh look after the New Year’s holidays. She was going to be occupied with all the purchase of necessities.

The higher society was not for Liberty.

There was no need to force herself into a circle where she did not belong.

Liberty was aware of that. Aunt Audrey had money, but her wealth had nothing to do with Liberty. Liberty wanted to depend on herself to generate wealth and live better days.

“The thing is, Mrs. Lewis actually thinks you would go after her son.”

Outspoken as she was, Elisa blurted out what went on in Mrs. Lewis’s mind.

Liberty found Elisa’s anger amusing. “I’m not even angry, Elisa. I could see that too. The people at Lewis & Co. also believed I was trying to get in Duncan’s pants, but who cares what they think? I just came out of hell, and I’m not going to jump back into marriage again.

“Hank’s mother is on a pension of three thousand bucks a month, and she’s not someone who is easy to please. She kept finding fault with me. It would be tougher to get along with Mrs. Lewis since she lives in privilege. I would be nuts to pine for her son.”

The failed marriage gave Liberty an insight and a new lease of life. She would think twice before stepping into another marriage.


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