Married at First Sight Chapter 1822 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1822 by desirenovel-Serenity suddenly understood the reason.

She must have been calculated by someone, and then her man became her antidote, no wonder she felt a little sore when she woke up today.

It was not easy for Serenity to discuss this topic with Grandma May, so she had to go to have breakfast first, and planned to ask Zachary about it when Zachary came back.

At the same time, the York Corporation.

The president’s office welcomed a rare visitor, Andrew.

Just as Zachary put down his signature pen, he picked up the cup of coffee on the desk with one hand, and took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket with the other, thinking of calling his beloved wife, Andrew knocked on the door and came in.

Seeing that it was Andrew, Zachary didn’t call his beloved wife for the time being. He sipped his coffee and watched Andrew approaching.

“Brother.” Andrew called Zachary, and sat down opposite Zachary.

“What do you want to drink?” Zachary asked his cousin.

“I don’t feel thirsty. I’ll pour water myself if I’m thirsty.”

Zachary was not polite to Andrew, since he said he wasn’t thirsty, Zachary really didn’t even pour him a glass of warm water.

Zachary: “It’s rare to come to me, do you want to ask for something?”

The Reading family kept a low profile, even though Andrew and others had close contacts with Zachary, but on the bright side, the Reading family rarely came to disturb Zachary’s work, so Andrew came over suddenly, Zachary thought he was asking for something.

“It’s not because of Elisa.”

Zachary put down his coffee cup, looked straight at Andrew, and asked him: “Why, I haven’t seen you for a while, and you actually fell in love with Elisa?”

Andrew quickly denied: “I didn’t fall in love with her, it was Remy who fell in love with her. Mrs. Stone came to me and asked me to help her, let me pretend to like Elisa, and pursue Elisa, saying that this would make Remy quit in spite of difficulties. Remy likes Elisa and is willing to marry her daughter, she should be laughing. Elisa’s reputation in Wiltspoon is not very good, and she has admired you a lot. No one would think about her.”

Elisa was madly in love with Zachary, and even though she had let go of Zachary, no one in Wiltspoon would think about Elisa for fear of Elisa comparing them to Zachary. They couldn’t compete with Zachary, and they didn’t want to be compared to him.

“The Johnsons are the wealthiest family in Annenburg, and they are billionaires. Although Remy is not the family’s head, his brother is the family’s head. He runs FC & Co.’s business in Wiltspoon and makes a lot of money. It is more than sufficient.

Remy also owns several properties in Wiltspoon, and the house he bought later is next to the Stone’s villa, and both of them are neighbors. I don’t know what Mrs. Stone is worried about?

After seeing Brother Duncan’s car accident, Mrs. Stone didn’t dare to stop Elisa and Remy from being together as strongly as Mrs. Lewis, so she thought of something heresy and came to me again and again to match Elisa and me. Brother, I am so annoyed by Mrs. Stone.

I’m afraid, I really promised her and helped her, what if Elisa finally abandons Remy and falls in love with me? I married her? If I can’t keep my heart and fall in love with Elisa, what should I do if she doesn’t love me? Wouldn’t I have to suffer a love injury that cannot be loved?”

Zachary: “…My aunt is still entangled in this matter.”

Andrew said: “No, brother, she is my sister-in-law’s aunt, and also values ​​me as a son-in-law. Brother, can you go and persuade Mrs. Stone?”


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