Married at First Sight Chapter 2406 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2406 by desirenovel-They didn’t know how their children would treat them, and they wouldn’t be able to care for themselves any longer.

Nowadays, Old Mr. Hunt was very cautious about whether he would attend Serenity’s wedding or not.

They couldn’t go if Serenity didn’t invite them all to have a wedding.

They didn’t want to disturb other people at Serenity and Zachary’s wedding.

“Grandpa, when we leave, we won’t make any trouble. We could just show up, have a drink or two, and act as if our relationship with Serenity has gotten better, couldn’t we? How hard is it for us right now? Grandpa isn’t I don’t know?”

Mike asked Old Mr. Hunt unconvinced.

He really wanted to go to the wedding.

His whole family wanted to go.

Old Mr. Hunt said: “No matter how difficult it is, you can still go on. Maybe it was Young Master York who suppressed you at first, but now he shouldn’t be targeting you anymore. I think you have been doing well recently, and you have no living expenses. You’re not doing well now, and you’re asking how much pension money I have, and you’re trying to cheat me out of it.”

After glaring at Mike, Old Mr. Hunt continued: “Anyway, your grandma and I won’t go; if you are not afraid of death, you can go without invitation. Your feet are on your body; you can go wherever you want, and I didn’t tie your feet.

When Liberty got married, we went to fight, what’s the benefit? We didn’t get any benefits, but instead made them hate us even more. We all reaped the fruits of what we planted.

Serenity married the eldest son of the wealthiest family, not Liberty’s useless ex-husband. Have you ever tried the method? Just one phone call can make you all return to the countryside in disgrace and retire early.”

Everyone was afraid to speak.

If Old Mr. Hunt didn’t go, they naturally didn’t dare to go either.

If they went, they couldn’t get any benefits, but instead deepened the conflict with the two sisters.

Noah could guess the result.

Serenity was awesome, anyway, she dared not provoke Noah but she could kick him into a corner with one kick.

Noah didn’t know what Liberty thought; their lives were so tense before that Liberty even paid Serenity to learn martial arts.

“It’s all gone, why should I go? Today is a good day, but not a good day for you.” Old Mr. Hunt urged them to leave, and stop thinking about going to York’s house for a wedding.

The crowd dispersed angrily.

After everyone left, Old Mrs. Hunt asked her husband: “We are Serenity’s own grandparents. We went to the wedding venue. Would she really drive us out?”

Old Mr. Hunt: “I don’t know.”

Old Mrs. Hunt curled her lips and said, “The two sisters are also cruel. I heard that Liberty now lives in a big villa and has a car. In just one year, she has a house, a car, and two restaurants. Making money every day—isn’t it a blessing that Serenity married into a wealthy family?”

Old Mr. Hunt said to his wife: “After so much, you still haven’t seen it through? After you fell ill, which of them would be willing to pay for your medical treatment? Additionally perplexed, I went to ask the Serenity and Liberty for money when they provoked me, which made the already strained relationship even worse.

Our savings have almost been wiped out, and now you still have to eat nutrition every day to replenish your body, and you have to go to the hospital every once in a while to check again to see if there is any relapse. It all requires money. Which one of them gave the money?

The daughters think that our family property has been given to our sons, and they should take care of us. When they come to visit us, at most they just buy some food. If you can drink it, you can give me two or three hundred, but now that the price is high, what is the use of two or three hundred?

The sons think that we can still move, and that we still have a lot of savings. The eldest son and the youngest son didn’t pay. They said they were raised by their children. How could they have money to support us?”


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