Married at First Sight Chapter 2409 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2409 by desirenovel-Sonny said proudly: “I knew that chili is very useful, and my aunt won’t be sleepy anymore.”

Serenity reached out and touched Sonny’s head, and said to him: “Sonny, go out and play for a while. Let’s see, is your uncle here?”

“Okay.” Sonny readily agreed.

He walked out of the room and went downstairs.

Downstairs, everyone was busy, only Duncan was sitting, he couldn’t help much.

If it weren’t for his inconvenient mobility, he would be the best man for Zachary, and then he would accompany Zachary to pick Serenity home.

Now that he couldn’t leave, and wanted to help Liberty, he came to Hunt’s house. When Zachary came to pick up the bride, he followed the team to Wildridge Manor.

Seeing Sonny running downstairs, Duncan suddenly felt that he had something to do.

He called Sonny.

Sonny jumped up and ran to Duncan, calling sweetly: “Uncle Lewis.”

Duncan: “Why did you come downstairs? Didn’t Mom let you stay upstairs with your aunt?”

Sonny: “My aunt told me to come out Let’s see if my uncle is here.”

Duncan looked at the time and said, “Your uncle should be here soon, he just said he was on the way.”

Sonny said, “I’ll go out and see if it’s true.”

With that, Sonny ran away in a flash. It was too late for Duncan to stop him.

“This kid is running faster and faster.”

Duncan watched Sonny run out dotingly.

He pushed the wheelchair by himself and waited for Sonny at the door of the house.

A servant of the Lewis family saw his fourth young master Lewis leaving the main house, and hurriedly followed him out, asking Duncan, “Fourth young master, do you want to go down the steps?”

After thinking about it, Duncan said, “Yes.”

The servant then pushed Duncan down the barrier-free ramp on the side. The ramp was relatively high. Duncan couldn’t control the speed of the wheelchair sliding, and it was easy to overturn, so he usually didn’t go downhill by himself.

Duncan: “Okay, I can control it myself, go ahead.”

The servant relievedly let go and went to work.

Duncan saw Sonny standing at the door of the Manor watching, so he went outside the villa.

Along the way, when the servants saw him, they asked him with concern if he needed help.

“No need, you are busy, don’t worry about me.” Duncan gently rejected everyone’s desire to help.

Like a little adult, Sonny stood at the entrance of the Manor, looking into the distance along the concrete road at the entrance, waiting for his uncle’s car to appear.

He recognized his uncle Zachary’s car.

As long as his uncle Zachary came, he could recognize him at a glance.

“Did you see the convoy that your uncle came to pick up the bride?” Duncan’s gentle and smiling voice sounded.


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