The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7087

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7087-Roar!

Quintus and Quentyn unleashed their most potent Supernatural Powers. The two sides fought a fierce battle of dragons versus dragons. The duo’s dragons confronted James’s golden-black dragon. The dragons’ roars reverberated, causing a terrifying scene.

Quintus urgently reminded, “We need to go all out. These are that young man’s Primordial Spirits. They’re likely stronger than the Daeclon Mahayana. Should we become ensnared, our demise is certain.”

As he spoke, the cauldron above Quintus’s head began to spin rapidly, emitting countless strands of purple-blue light that converged into nine strands. They merged directly into the nine ice dragons that were entwined with one of the

black dragons, causing them to swell to three times their size, their roars intensifying, their power tripling instantly.

Despite the relentless onslaught, the black dragon maintained its ferocity, and its roars were accompanied by violent thrashing. However, they seemed to have been momentarily subdued.

Meanwhile, Quentyn, locked in combat with the other black dragon, summoned a ball of flames around the dragon’s head.

However, just when it seemed they had gained a foothold, a terrifying purplegold Sword Light pierced through the void.

The Sword Light instantly severed two ice dragons and annihilated five fire dragons before hurtling toward Quentyn with lightning speed.


The Sword Light pierced a gaping wound in Quentyn’s shoulder, sending him and the fire dragon hurtling backward.

“Quentyn!” Quintus cried out in panic. In the next moment, the Sword Light turned and struck Quintus’ head with a resounding clang.

“Argh!!” With a scream, Quintus collapsed alongside the remaining ice dragons.

“Return to truth, and eternal life shall follow. Transform your body into a sword and attain enlightenment. In the void, all beings and existences unite to forge destiny,” James’ voice echoed throughout the formation.

Suddenly, the purple-gold Sword Light infused with countless strands of purplegold light, vibrated and shifted from to a gray hue. Two physical Sword Lights emerged, one black and one white, rotating in the void.

As Quentyn, now unconscious, spat blood and regained consciousness, he gazed in horror. “How could this be…”

Similarly, Quintus, recovering from the impact, looked up at the void, his expression morphing from shock to disbelief, is this… the legendary Righteous Light and Anonymous Gas? Could it be he has already mastered them?”

The next instant, James’ white sword, encased in a powerful white energy, surged toward Quintus, while the black sword, shrouded in thick gray energy, headed for Quentyn.

Quentyn exclaimed in astonishment. “It’s a righteous path! I acknowledge it, and admit defeat!”

“I surrender!” Quintus echoed after him.

As their voices trailed off, the two swords halted inches from their throats, emanating a chilling aura of annihilation.

Though Quintus and Quentyn were among the first to ascend to the Haleth Realm, they found themselves drenched in sweat, realizing their fate lay in another’s hands.

James declared, ‘You’ve been instrumental in my advancement to the second level of the Zenthur Rank. Return and inform Xanthakosto temper his impatience. Should he provoke me, he and his sect will face annihilation.”

With a wave of his hand, the swords poised against Quintus, and Quentyn’s throats withdrew.

Only then did Quintus and Quentyn exhale in relief, their hearts settling from the brink of death. However, rather than departing, they stayed. Their injured bodies attest to their recent ordeal, as they approached James.

Locking eyes, Quintus and Quentyn both knelt before James almost simultaneously.

“Quentyn pays homage to the Divine Emperor.”

“Quintus pays homage to the Divine Emperor.”

Observing their gesture, James narrowed his eyes. “What’s the meaning of this?”

Without hesitation, Quentyn lifted his head and said, “We are mortals too.

Witnessing the emergence of an exceptional mortal, one who embodies righteous and anonymous energy among US, is an honor. I have no regrets, even in death.”

Quintus bowed his head in reverence and added, “Indeed. Since the Waitara Path was birthed in the Haleth Realm, the Five Primal Evolutions, Ying and Yang followed. Only then was it the genesis of all things and beings. Mortals like US have been suppressed by Alcide beings, seemingly destined to never succeed.

“Our entry into Zymurgy as the first beings born in the Haleth Realm was fueled by unwavering faith, devoutly seeking enlightenment. Yet, despite adhering to the Alcide beings’ principles and laws, we remained marginalized and were enslaved.”

Quentyn interjected with resignation. “We attempted to fight against our fate, but the Greater Realms were under the dominion of the Waitara Path. They possess the power to end US or render us powerless at will. Many rebels, unwilling to accept their fate, rose, only to be quashed.

“We endured trials in the prison of life and death fashioned by Alcide beings, and survived so far,” Quintus concluded solemnly.

Upon hearing their account, James inquired with indifference, “So, you ultimately became Xanthakos’ slaves and are aiding him in his malevolent deeds and oppression in the Greater Realms?”


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