The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7088

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7088-Quentyn shook his head and explained, “No, that’s not how it happened.

Xanthakos did indeed save US and spared US from death. However, since we were freed, he forced US into submission. We had to comply with his arrangements, hide the truth, and complete his tasks.” James inquired, “What tasks?”

Quentyn looked at Quintuis and urged, “You should explain.”

Quintus took a deep breath and said, “We were asked to train immortal warriors for him and put together a powerful army to help him overthrow Zymurgy, seize control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven, and claim the Wuia Palace to return control to mortals.”

James looked at them thoughtfully. After a moment, he waved and said,” Rise

and speak.”

Quintus and Quentyn exchanged glances, expressing their gratitude before slowly rising from the ground.

Observing their bloodied and gravely wounded state, James waved his hand, casting two beams of light that promptly healed their injuries.

Witnessing this miraculous recovery, Quintus and Quentyn were astonished.

James said calmly, “I’m not concerned with your past. I just want to know why you chose to stay?”

Quintus stated bluntly, “We’re choosing a master. With your strength, seizing the Greater Realms will be effortless. Xanthakos is no match against you.

Quentyn added, “Naturally, we want to align ourselves with the stronger party. I hope you won’t dismiss US due to our age and febleness. Please do accept us.

“We’ve endured so much humiliation in Zymurgy, and hope you give US the chance to take revenge against Alcide beings.”

Just as James was about to respond, Harper, wielding a massive purple- gold shield, descended from above.

“You’re as splendid as ever, my dear!” Harper blew a kiss to James.

Then, she turned her gaze toward Quintus and Quentyn. She warned,” Although you’re handsome, you should also be wise. You shouldn’t trust their honeyed words.”

Quintus and Quentyn both frowned in unison.

James asked calmly, ‘Why?”

Harper explained, “Before they ascended to Zymurgy, they were already sworn brothers with Xanthakos. Just like your bond with me, do you think I would forsake you for someone stranger?”

James looked at her and replied, “Given your personality, it’s hard to say.”

Harper’s face darkened. “My dear, are you being mischievous? Now is the time to unite against external threats, not play games with me.”

James was speechless.

Quintus quickly bowed before James. “Divine Emperor, it’s true we were once close friends with Xanthakos. We became sworn brothers, vowed to stand together through thick and thin and never betray each other.

However, we could not see eye to eye for a long time.”

He gestured to Quentyn and said, “He’s the eldest amongst US, but he’s reserved. He is obsessed with cultivation and is disliked by the Alcide beings.

“As for myself, while I’m skilled in communications, I despise mingling with supreme beings because of their hypocrisy. Hence, I’m also unwelcomed by them.”

Quintus sighed and said, “Xanthakos, on the other hand, endured humiliation well and carried heavy burdens on his shoulders. He is wise and excels in socializing and flattery. He’s the most successful among US.”

Quentyn interjected with a cold snort. “We entered Zymurgy together. But due to our incompatibility with Alcide beings, we remained unaffiliated.”

“Meanwhile, Xanthakos ingratiated himself with Tirta through flattery, then caught Taiyi’s attention and was recommended to the Waitara Path, successfully becoming his disciple.

“We once rallied a group of powerhouses to forcefully overthrowZymurgy, and we approached him too, but he adamantly refused.

“Subsequently, we were suppressed by the Waitara Path and Taiyi, imprisoned in torture chambers. Xanthakos intervened to rescue US.”

Quintus raised his head, taking a deep breath. We were disheartened by his actions at the time, but he advocated enduring humiliation for the greater cause of the Greater Realms’ living beings, so we acquiesced.”

Quentyn nodded in agreement. “Initially, he spouted a lot of idealistic rhetoric, dedicated to the welfare of Greater Realms’ beings and challenging Zymurgy’s authority.

“But as time passed, even as we operated in secrecy, we learned of his deeds.

This time, though we arrived as per his request, we sought to discern his true stance before committing.

Quentyn glanced at James and said, “Unexpectedly, he brought up the Gate of Mystery and you, who is contained within it. Thus, we deliberately set up this formation under the guise of aiding him seal the Gate of Mystery, hoping to meet with you.”

James interjected, “So you orchestrated this on your own will, and not on Xanthakos’ orders?”

Quintus affirmed. “Absolutely. We also wished to ascertain whether you, the Chosen One of the mortals, are worthy of our loyalty, or if Xanthakos can shoulder the responsibility of advocating for the Greater Realms’ living beings.

James squinted, looked at Harper, and asked, “Your thoughts?”


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