The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7090

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7090-Those were really strange flames, James. It resembled the handiwork of hidden emperors,” said Hankin.

James put his hands behind his back and said smilingly, “Naturally, you all will be leaving the Gate of Mystery. However, it will be discreetly, in a manner imperceptible to any.”

The group’s eyes widened at his words, and immediately quired, “When?”

James looked at them and replied, “Right now. However, you can’t leave with your true appearance. Instead, you will have to disguise yourselves as Marauder Warriors. I’ll help to conceal your auras.”

With a wave of a hand, James summoned black and white lights around Morgott, Lesia, and Yianni.

The trio immediately transformed and assumed the appearance of the Marauder Warriors. At the same time, their original auras were hidden.

Lesia, Morgott, and Yianni were astonished by their altered appearances.

James instructed, “Remember, you’re Marauder Warriors from this point on.

Mimic the other Marauder Warriors, and don’t expose yourselves until I deem it necessary.

Lesia immediately understood James’ plan and nodded admiringly. ‘This is a brilliant idea, Master. Though I’m no longer your second body, our connection remains. I’ll keep you informed about what’s happening outside.”

Yianni said smilingly, “So we’re spies? I approve of the idea!”

Morgott scanned himself and pouted, ‘What kind of attire is this? Does this mean I can’t use my exceptional Supernatural Powers too?”

Harper, nearby and still simmering with resentment, interjected with disdain, “Exceptional? Have you no shame?” “Enough,” James intervened, silencing Morgott. “It’s imperative that you swiftly blend in with the army immediately. I also intend to release Dorvus, the Twelve God-Kings, and the Eighteen Emperors.

Morgott disagreed angrily, ‘That’s at least half of Xanthakos’ elite forces. If you release them…”

James rolled his eyes and retorted, “It’s a necessary sacrifice. Given your intellect, any further explanation is useless. Just go with it, Morgott.”

Suddenly, he pointed at Morgott and said, “I need you to be especially careful.

Your impulsiveness could expose Lesia and Yianni, leaving them vulnerable.

Lesia tugged Morgott’s ear and said, “Rest assured, Master. I will keep him in line.”

After speaking, she pushed Morgott out of the Nothingness Formation and into the Marauder Army’s formation.

Yianni looked at James respectfully and said, “We’ll be waiting for you, James.

James gave him an acknowledging nod and watched him join the Marauder Warriors.

Then, he turned to the bewildered Hankin and said, “It’s not because I don’t trust you that I didn’t let you go with them. I kept you here to help me put on a show.

Hankins bowed and said, “I’m ready for your command.”

James instructed, “After they leave, I’ll help you cultivate your clones and Primordial Spirits. You’ll need to portray Lesia, Yianni, and Morgott to prevent Xanthakos from seeing through our ruse.”

Before Hankin could respond, Harper approached and interjected, “I wouldn’t let such an unsightly brute impersonate me.”

James quipped, “Are you still mad?”

Harper replied, “Yes. Perhaps if you patiently explain everything, give me some kisses, and hugs, then share a night with me, forgiveness might be within reach.”

Hankin looked at Harper, and said helplessly, “I’m also curious about James ‘ plan.”

Harper remarked, “It’s a stupid plan is what it is!”


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