The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7091

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7091-James laughed. He looked at the formation that was formed by many Marauder Warriors outside the Nothingness Formation. “Can you tell who’s Lesia, my teacher and Morgott now?”

Hankin and Harper shook their heads, looking in the direction of James’ gaze.

“That’s right.” James said, “We aim to make Xanthakos and Lord Goyo suffer losses. Then, we’ll take the benefits. We must take action at the right time.”

“The situation in the Gate of Mystery is different from the outside world. If we take action early, we will be killed by Xanthakos and Lord Goyo. We will lose. If we take action late, once the Path Designation Bead falls into the hands of Xanthakos or Lord Goyo, we will become passive.”

“At this time, we must have a few reliable people to leave the Gate of Mystery

and blend in with Xanthakos’ sect. We need the right time to affect their process.

In this way, we can gain more benefits by doing less.” Upon hearing that, Harper said, “I agree with you, but I don’t think you should believe Quintus and Quentyn. They aren’t reliable and can’t be trusted.” “Besides, you want to return the Twelve God-Kings, Eighteen Emperors and the Marauder Army of One-Hundred Thousand Warriors under Xanthakos. Are you an idiot?” James rolled his eyes at Harper. “If we didn’t have them as pawns and didn’t return these living beings under Xanthakos, how can we send three people out of the Gate of Mystery quietly?”

Harper was stunned.

With his hands behind his back, James slowly turned around. “I don’t care whether or not Quintus and Quentyn are reliable. As long as they can bring our people out of the Gate of Mystery and blend it, they will be useful.

“Don’t forget that we want to control the Forty-Ninth Heaven and stop Waitara’s Soremsia from returning. We aren’t going to kill hidden emperors like Quintus and Quentyn.

“Although they are tigers, Lord Goyo has hungry wolves. Even if they survive, I can deal with them and punish them countless times.”

Looking at James, Harper took a sharp breath.

She suddenly realized that although she had spent a lot of time with James in the past with a different identity, she didn’t actually know him.

Even though James was loyal and loved the Yin governor a lot, he wouldn’t lose to any elders when it came to schemes and wisdom, including Xanthakos and Goyo.

However, he was terrifying. He made people feel fear. As he had such schemes and wisdom, even if he sold someone off, the latter might have no idea and count the money he earned from selling him off.

At this time, James suddenly took out the Marauder Token used to command the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors. He rubbed the token and another similar token appeared in his hand.

Upon seeing that, Hankin and Harper were shocked. “The Marauder Token can be turned into two pieces?”

“No. One is the main one, and the other is secondary.” James smiled and said, ‘The secondary one has all the authority of the main one. It can command the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors to do anything.”

Then, he raised the main token in his left hand. “As for the main token, it only has one ability. It can withdraw the secondary token at any time.”

Upon hearing that, Hankin couldn’t help but take a sharp breath.

Harper looked at James as if she was staring at a ghost. “What are you? You’re terrifying!”

James smiled mysteriously. He walked out of the Nothingness Formation. He waved the secondary token. The formation formed by countless Marauder Warriors of the Twelve God-Kings and Eighteen Emperors that initially trapped Dorvus suddenly flew around in the Gate of Mystery.

Upon seeing that, Harper and Hankin were in disbelief. In the next second, James nodded at the countless Marauder Warriors. After making sure that Yianni, Morgott and Lesia were among them, he shot up to the sky.

At this moment, in the Bnorlith Formation, Quintus and Quentyn were waiting anxiously because they believed James’ words.

“Why aren’t they here yet?” Quintus was anxious.

On the other hand, Quentyn sat in a ball of flame. His eyes were slightly closed.

He looked calm.

“Mr. Quentyn, why aren’t you anxious?” Quintus looked at Quentyn.

“What for?” Without raising his head, Quentyn asked, ‘To ask for merit from Xanthakos?”

Quintus was taken aback. Then, he smiled awkwardly and said, “Nonsense.

We are on the same rank as Xanthakos. Why do I need to ask him for merit?”


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