The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7092

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7092-I think the Divine Emperor is playing tricks on US. The Twelve God-Kings, Eighteen Emperors and Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors are almost half of Xanthakos’ faction’s power. Can he really return them?”

Quentyn smiled. “Quintus, when you faced the Divine Emperor just now, your attitude was different.”

Upon hearing that, Quintus said angrily, “I still can’t figure out what the Divine Emperor wants to do. He said he was doing everything for all the living beings, but is he really…”

“Quintus!” Quentyn opened his eyes. “The Divine Emperor is testing US. If we can’t pass this level, he won’t accept US, let alone believe US.”

Quintus opened his mouth. When he was about to speak, he saw a ray of Sword Light heading toward him. It transformed into James. He quickly went up to the latter and pleased him.

Nonetheless, Quentyn didn’t move. He was still sitting in the flame.

James refused to listen to Quintus’ praises. With a smile, he said, ” Everything has been arranged. I’m afraid that your formation will have to open a passage.

They can’t withstand the hidden emperor’s flame.”

Upon hearing that, Quintus hurriedly said, “Don’t worry. My space is big enough to accommodate hundreds of millions of warriors…”

“I asked you to open a passage,” James interrupted Quintus.

Quintus’ face twitched. Awkwardly, he turned around and raised his hands.

Instantly, nine howling ice dragons formed a passage leading to the end of the formation in the sky filled with flames. It was magical.

Then, Quintus looked at Quentyn. “Mr. Quentyn, you need to stop the flames in the surrounding areas. Otherwise…”

Before he could finish his words, Quentyn extended his arms. The flames that had been raging in the formation suddenly stopped.

After that, James waved the secondary Marauder Token. A large formation formed by the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors engulfed Dorvus. The Twelve God-Kings and Eighteen Emperors suddenly rushed out of the Gate of Mystery.

Upon seeing that, Quintus was shocked. Even Quentyn’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“To command the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors, you need this.” James raised the secondary Marauder Token in his hand and said, “But I don’t want this token to fall into Xanthakos’ hands.”

“I understand.” Quintus reached out to take the token. “Don’t worry. It’s our power. It belongs to you. I won’t give it to anyone else.”

With a smile, James asked, ‘This is Xanthakos’ token. If he wants it, what will you do?” Quintus was taken aback. Then, he answered, “I’ll tell him that the token belongs to a new owner now.”

“You can’t trick Xanthakos.” James shook his head.

“I’ll say that me controlling it is the same as him controlling it.” Quintus said again, “Anyway, he trusts US the most…”

James shook his head and interrupted him again.

“We don’t have the token.” At this time, Quentyn said, “The Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors was released by US after we opened the passage.”

Upon hearing that, James laughed. Then, he threw the token toward Quentyn.

“Alright. Go ahead.”

Quentyn caught the token and was stunned. After that, he waved it and headed to the edge of the formation, leading the large formation of the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors with Dorvus.

At this moment, Quintus felt resentful but didn’t show it. He bowed at James before turning around to leave.

Looking at them, James put his hands behind his back. He had a strange smile on his face.

Harper came up to him and asked, “Why did you give it Quentyn instead of Quintus?”

“Quentyn is more reliable.” Then, James waved his hand. With Harper, he returned to the Gate of Mystery.


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