The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7093

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7093-In Qadeer Temple of the Forty-Nine Heavens in Zymurgy, Xanthakos sat on a zafu in mid-air. He was surrounded by Bohnwer Light. He looked holy.

In front of him was Thea sitting on a blooming sacred lotus. The lotuses behind were dazzling. They were eye-catching and holy.

It was the first time in Qadeer that two powerhouses confronted each other without other people around.

A while later, Xanthakos said, “Yin governor, it’s time for you to give me an answer!”

Thea slowly opened her eyes. “If I don’t give you an answer, will I become a prisoner instead?”

Xanthakos sighed. “My conditions are reasonable. I’ve given you unprecedented

preferential treatment and patience. This is enough to show my sincerity.”

Thea smiled and said, “The Human Race which my husband is from has a famous saying. The man is the master outside while the woman is the master in the house. If the husband and wife think alike, everything can be accomplished.”

Xanthakos chuckled and said, “But the Human Race has another saying. The husband and wife are birds from the same forest. When disaster strikes, they can fly away separately.”

“You can give it a try.” With a carefree smile, Thea said, “I guarantee you that the result will be beyond your expectations.”

Seeing Thea’s attitude, Xanthakos clenched his fists.

Thea was too evil, smart, and cunning. She couldn’t receive any news about James in the Gate of Mystery, so she gave Xanthakos an ambiguous answer. It seemed that as long as someone was supported by James, she would support that person on behalf of the Wyrmscale Source.

Her coping strategy was so clever that Xanthakos had a hard time making a choice.

After pondering for a while, Xanthakos suppressed his anger and said, “But no matter what, you must return my son to me. The war will happen soon. I don’t want to have any concerns.”

“Your son isn’t your concern. Instead, you’re concerned about the Gate of Mystery.” Thea smiled and said, ‘The agreement between you and my husband of three epochs has come to an end. Do you dare to enter the Gate of Mystery?”

Xanthakos knew that Thea was mocking him at the end. Furiously, he said through gritted teeth, “Yin governor, aren’t you being too much?”

“Alright.” Thea chuckled and waved her hands. “Since you treated me as a guest for such a long time, I’ll stop making things difficult for you.”

“In the dispute between you and Lord Goyo, I can express my stand on behalf of the Wyrmscale Source. I won’t intervene for the time being. If you want the Wyrmscale Source to join the battle with you and deal with Lord Goyo, my husband will take action in person.”

Upon hearing that, Xanthakos widened his eyes.

What a cunning woman! How did she think of this?

However, it was an acceptable result. After all, as long as the Wyrmscale Source wasn’t on Goyo’s side, Xanthakos’ faction would have a fifty percent chance of winning.

As for how Xanthakos and Goyo were going to compete, it would depend on their strength.

Upon thinking of that, Xanthakos glanced at Thea. “You have to sign a soul contract with me. You aren’t allowed to leave Qadeer Temple before James arrives.”

“No.” Thea said strongly, “I can only guarantee that the Wyrmscale Source won’t intervene in the war.”

Xanthakos was at a loss for words.

“Xanthakos, I have compromised so much. You should know the weight of this.”

Thea said, “If you make me anxious, you know what will happen.”

“Of course, you can detain me. But I can’t guarantee if the Divine Marius and Wyrmscale Source will join forces with Lord Goyo to attack first.”

It was a threat. Xanthakos was enraged, but he couldn’t vent his anger.

He was the hero of the generation. He knew very well who was in charge now and what goal he wanted to achieve. If he really destroyed the big picture because of his anger, he couldn’t bear the consequences.

A while later, his eyes widened. A soul contract appeared before Thea. The Primordial Spirit glanced at the contents of the soul contract. Thea happily signed it.

In the next second, Xanthakos snorted and left.

At this time, Yiulia’s voice sounded in Thea’s mind. “Why did you compromise?

Do you really want to help the evil?”

“Xanthakos is smart,” Thea said deliberately, “Without the help of the Wyrmscale Source, the war between him and Lord Goyo is inevitable. The final war in the Forty-Ninth Heaven will happen as scheduled.

“My husband’s attitude is still unclear. If I express my stand, my husband’s plan might be ruined.”

Upon hearing that, Yiulia took a deep breath. “You can take this opportunity to ask Xanthakos to let you go to the Gate of Mystery.”

“Are you stupid?” Thea said, ‘The reason why we are still able to countervail Xanthakos is because one of US is inside the Gate of Mystery while the other is outside. We are supporting each other. If my husband really wanted me to do something, he would have Youcef to pass the message to me long ago. Why would he wait until now?” When Yiulia heard that, she fell silent. She suddenly realized that there was a huge difference between liking someone and understanding someone.

Understanding someone and having a tacit understanding was completely different as well.

There was no doubt that the Yin governor and James were truly a match made in heaven.

A while later, she suddenly asked, “What’s our next plan?”

“Since I’m here, I have to participate in the Wuia Integration Gathering.” With a light smile, Thea said, “Let’s listen to what they have to say first.

Then, I’ll return to the Wyrmscale Source. I’ll watch the fight from the mountain and get a spot for my husband in the Forty-Ninth Heaven.”

Yiulia said, “You’re smart. I’m not as good as you.”

Thea said, “Of course, there’s a difference between the mistress and the wife.

Otherwise, it would be chaotic.”

Yiulia was anxious. “Yin governor, stop ridiculing others…”

“I’m talking about the mistress. Why are you so anxious?” Thea pouted. ” I’ve heard of picking up treasures, but I’ve never heard of picking up reprimands.”

Yiulia was speechless.

Suddenly, Thea said, “Xanthakos must have gone to host the gathering now.

They invited me but didn’t notify me. Even so, I want to go.” Then, she turned into a ray of light and went out of the templ


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