The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7094

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7094-In the Daoist Temple of the Forty-Ninth Heaven, the amethyst-gold light flashed with divinity and Dao Energy.

Tens of thousands of divine beings were sitting on the zafus. They were all representatives and rulers of various forces from the Forty-Ninth Heaven.

Currently, only three gods could gather so many powerhouses. They were Taiyi, Goyo and Xanthakos.

The Daoist Temple was the training ground of Goyo.

At this moment, Goyo was sitting in a carriage wrapped in a white curtain. He was standing above all divine beings with pride.

On the left were Taichu and the nine path kings under him. On the right were the seven war saints of Goyo.

Continuing along the left and right sides were the Holiness, Emperors and Sovereigns. They were all transcendent powerhouses.

They revealed their true selves one by one. The Ultimate Golden Bodies were behind them. The entire hall was bright. However, in the temple where tens of thousands of transcendent powerhouses were gathered, the atmosphere was silent. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Not long after, outside the temple, a beam of light entered and transformed into an old man with white hair in a white robe. He knelt on the ground. “The Wuia Integration Gathering of Qadeer Temple has officially begun.

“The attendees are the five Jadron Holiness, thirty-six Sea Emperors, eight Kalydor Sovereigns and seventy-two Golden Gods who hold eight million warriors in the Soma Daeclon Rank.

“At the same time, the supreme beings who came to attend the gathering include the Emperors of the Four Seasons.”

Then, there was an uproar in the originally quiet temple. They knew very well that the attendees announced by the elder with white hair accounted for almost seventy percent of the forces above the Forty Heaven.

Especially the seventy-two Golden Gods who have eight million warriors in the Soma Daeclon Rank. They had almost twice as many warriors as Goyo.

Compared to the uproar and gossip of the gods, Goyo sat in the carriage with a white curtain. He looked calm and relaxed.

At this time, Taichu suddenly said, “Where are the two hidden emperors?”

Upon hearing that, the elder with white hair who reported the news raised his head. “I haven’t seen Quentyn and Quintus.”

“What about the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors?” a beautiful woman sitting to the side asked.

“I haven’t seen them.” The elder with white hair shook his head again. “Not only them, but I didn’t see the Twelve God-Kings and Eighteen Emperors under Xanthakos.”

Upon hearing that, Taichu and the woman who asked the question looked at Goyo.

“Lord Goyo, there’s something fishy here.” Taichu said worriedly, “If half of the elites under Xanthakos didn’t show up, there might be bloodshed at the Wuia Integration Gathering.”

“There will be terrible bloodshed.” The woman reminded, “Should we stop it from happening?”

At this moment, Goyo waved his hand and interrupted Taichu and the woman.

Then, he looked at the elder with white hair. “I don’t care about other forces. I just want to know about James.”


At the mention of James, everyone at the scene was in an uproar again.

Some of them wondered who James was, while some of them recounted James’ past in an embellished manner. Most of them mainly slandered him, thinking that James had colluded with Morgott and was a scum among the Chosen Ones.

Upon hearing the noises, Goyo cleared his throat and silenced the scene.

Then, the elder with white hair hurriedly bowed. “I haven’t come across any news about the Chosen One, but there is news related to him.”

“What is it?” Goyo seemed interested.

“It’s the Yin governor.” The elder with white hair quickly said, “I don’t know when she became the master of the Wyrmscale Source in the Forty-Ninth Heaven, but she was granted full authority to attend the Wuia Integration Gathering.”

Upon hearing that, Taichu became anxious. He got up and shouted, “Have you looked into it? Although the Yin governor is James’ wife, she’s an Alcide being.

She has grudges against Xanthakos and his illegitimate daughter. How could-“

“Taichu,” Goyo interrupted Taichu. “Let Teagan finish speaking.”

Taichu opened his mouth but couldn’t bring himself to speak.

At this time, the elder with white hair, Teagan Davison, continued, “Even though the Yin governor represents the Wyrmscale Source and Divine Marius, she seems to have some subtle relationship with Xanthakos.

Based on my deduction, it should be related to the Chosen One imprisoned in the Gate of Mystery.”

The woman looked at Goyo. “Lord Goyo, James and the Yin governor are deeply in love. She must have participated in the Wuia Integration Gathering to save James. Maybe she will use the Wyrmscale Source as a bargaining chip…”

“Idiot.” At this time, Stavros who had been silent suddenly spoke up.

As soon as he said that, everyone focused their attention on him.

Standing up slowly, Stavros said, “Lord Goyo, I’ve always advocated taking the initiative to attack Qadeer Temple and force Xanthakos to hand over the Gate of Mystery. Why didn’t you listen?

“Could it be that you don’t know how important James is to US? Are you still regarding James as a lowly living being?”

Then, he turned around and looked at everyone present. “Everyone, I have to remind you that James is one of the five Chosen Ones that we have jointly decided on in Wuia Palace. He is the only Chosen One among the living beings.

“He was detained by Xanthakos, so we should give a response, otherwise, the authority of Wuia Palace and the laws we have set don’t exist.

“Now, if the Yin governor is forced to exchange the Wyrmscale Source with Xanthakos, we will bear serious consequences. Everything might even be destroyed.”

After that, everyone present began to discuss.

Taichu looked at Stavros. “Emperor Stavros, I’ve been asking you questions, but you haven’t answered them.”

“I don’t need to answer.” Stavros said, “But I have reminded you that James is the only ruler who determines the fate of the Path Emperors, path kings, Holiness and Emperors. If he is forced into the Demonic Path, we and the entire Supreme Path will be destroyed.”


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