The Mans Decree (chinese) 3702

Kai’s figure disappeared once again, and then appeared in front of a soul!

So on and so forth, it was the time of the blink of an eye, and all of these souls that were burning with flames, all of them vanished into thin air!

“How is this …… this possible?”

Mu Kui’s eyes widened, his eyes filled with horror!

He simply did not believe that how could Kai, who was at the third rank of the Transition Realm, be so powerful?

Knowing that these souls were all refined by him, and the Supreme Fire in his body was also a terrifying existence, how could they be easily destroyed by a fellow of the third rank of the Transitional Apparition Realm?

Looking at the souls that had been gently decimated by Kai, Mu Kui inwardly panicked as his body leapt up and then disappeared towards the distance!

He knew that as long as he returned to his home, Kai would not be able to take him even if he was more powerful!

“Hmph, want to escape?”

Kai snorted coldly and then chased after him!

In terms of playing with fire, Kai was really not afraid of this guy, after all, Kai now possessed a Fire Origin, not to mention that there was more than one type of Supreme Fire in his body.

Regarding the Royal Fire Steps that Kai was performing at the moment, the flames under his feet were not something that someone from the Celestial Realm could possess!

Kai’s figure was hidden, and in just the blink of an eye, he had caught up with that Mu Kui!

Immediately after that, Kai clawed towards the void, and a huge suction force caused that Mu Kui’s figure to stagnate in mid-air!

“Don’t you like to play with fire, then I will let you taste the taste of being roasted by fire ……”

At the centre of Kai’s hand, a ball of flame pulsed and then headed straight towards that Mu Kui!


Mu Kui’s body instantly burst into flames around him.

In theory, Mu Kui’s cultivation of the Fire System Technique, it was normal for the flames to burn around his body!

But at this moment, the flames around Mu Kui’s body seemed to possess life as if they were constantly drilling through his skin towards Mu Kui’s body!


Miserable screams emanated from that Mu Kui’s mouth, and his body even fell down directly from mid-air!

“Fellow Taoist spare your life, Fellow Taoist spare your life, I can return my soul to you!”

Mu Kui struggled desperately, but he simply could not get rid of Kai’s to fire!

A seventh grade cultivator of the Transition Realm being beaten by a third grade of the Transition Realm begging for forgiveness was considered a great spectacle!

With a wave of Kai’s palm, the flames on Mu Kui’s body instantly disappeared!

Looking at Mu Kui again, he was extremely wretched at the moment, where was there any trace of the appearance of a great son!

Kai reached out his hand and said, “Hand over your soul ……”

Although Mu Kui was reluctant, he still handed over the cloth bag around his waist to Kai!

Kai opened the cloth bag and took a look at it, and realised that it was really Ochre Yan’s soul!

“I’ve handed over my soul to you, can you let me go?”

Mu Kui asked carefully!

“Let you go?”Kai snorted coldly, “You captured my friend’s soul and almost caused him to perish, do you think I will let you go?”

“I will kill you today, saving you from harming others ……”

Kai said and slapped his palm towards Mu Kui!

Mu Kui was shocked in his heart, but under that palm of Kai, he unexpectedly found himself with no way to escape!

“Mr Cheng, be merciful ……”

At this time, Elder Xia hurriedly chased after him with his men!

Kai stopped his hand and looked at Elder Xia, “Elder Xia, this guy is causing trouble in the Wantong Pavilion and almost killed my friend, isn’t it just right to kill him, why are you stopping me?”

“Mr Cheng, I hope you can give me face and let me bring him back to the Wantong Pavilion for punishment, or I can use this to deter others.”

Elder Xia was very polite and said to Kai!

Seeing that Elder Xia had said so, Kai could only nod and agree!

Soon, Kai and the others flew back to the Wantong Pavilion!

Kai opened the cloth bag and released Ochre Yan’s soul, after the soul returned to his body, Ochre Yan immediately came to his senses!

Because of the Soul Fixing Bead, Ochre Yan was not in any serious trouble!

And at this moment, Zheng Jian, who was on the side, saw that Mu Kui had been captured, his face became ugly, but he was still pretending to be calm!

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