The Mans Decree (chinese) 3703

“You guy, you almost made Brother Yan lose his life, I’m going to kill you ……”

Seeing Mu Kui who was captured and returned, Jiang Yulian was extremely angry and was about to strike to kill him!

“Yulian, stop!”

Patriarch Jiang stopped Jiang Yulian, after all, this guy was the Mu Family’s male son, if he really killed him, then the Mu Family wouldn’t think to follow their Soul Fiend Sect to rest in peace!

“Duke Mu, our Soul Demon Sect has some friendship following your Mu Family, why are you laying your hands on my Soul Demon Sect disciples?”

“If you don’t make it clear today, then my Soul Demon Sect will never be done with it, and my Soul Demon Sect isn’t one to be bullied by anyone.”

Patriarch Jiang looked at Mu Kui with great anger and asked!

There was no way Mu Kui didn’t know someone from their Soul Demon Sect, and there was no way that it was otherwise Jiang Yulian!

Now this Mu Kui had made a move on Jiang Yulian as well, injuring Jiang Yulian and capturing the Ochre Amazing Soul, it was obvious that he didn’t put their Soul Demon Sect in his eyes!

Mu Kui felt the anger in Patriarch Jiang’s eyes, he knew that if he didn’t make it clear today, it would be hard for him to get away, so he said, “Patriarch Jiang, actually this matter ……”

“Master, don’t listen to his sophistry, just kill him directly ……”

Zheng Jian saw that Mu Kui was going to betray himself and immediately panicked, so he slapped his palm at Mu Kui, wanting to kill him!

Fortunately, Elder Xia reacted sharply and directly stepped in front of that Mu Kui, blocking the blow!

“Zheng Jian, how dare you, back off!”

Patriarch Jiang was enraged when he saw that Zheng Jian disobeyed orders and dared to strike privately!

Mu Kui was also enraged when he saw that Zheng Jian was trying to kill himself, he immediately cursed, “Zheng Jian, you scumbag, wasn’t it you who told me about this matter?”

“Patriarch Jiang, it was this disciple of yours who found me and then told me to do so, he said that there was a guy who was competing with him for the youngest sister, so he asked me to step in and kill the other party.”

“I was also compelled by him only, not really targeting your Soul Demon Sect ……”

Mu Kui simply said it all, after all, it had all come to this!

As soon as Patriarch Jiang heard this, he was dumbfounded, he had never thought that Zheng Jian would do this!

Patriarch Jiang angrily looked at Jian Zheng, who instantly panicked and plopped down in front of Patriarch Jiang!

“Master, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I followed my little sister as a childhood friend, but I was robbed of my love by this Ochre Amazing, I’m not happy about it!”

Zheng Jian’s body trembled as he continuously admitted his mistake!

“Senior brother, how …… are you such a person? I’ve always treated you as an elder brother, I only have affection for you, there’s no love.”

Jiang Yulian also looked at Zheng Jian incredulously!

Patriarch Jiang gritted his teeth and looked at Zheng Jian coldly, for a moment he actually did not know what to say!

At this time, Kai, who was on the side, spoke up, “When we were on the road, when we came across that Divine Doctor Liu suddenly made a move against us, it should also be you who told them, right?”

Hearing Kai say this, Patriarch Jiang came to a realisation, remembering that halfway down the road, after running into Divine Doctor Liu, Zheng Jian said that he had a stomach ache and had to go for convenience, allowing them to go first!

But when Zheng Jian was catching up, he ran into that Divine Doctor Liu leading people to stop them!

For a while, it was likely that Zheng Jian had gone and snitched on Kai’s identity!

“Master, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, just let me go round this time!”

Zheng Jian desperately begged for mercy and did not retort, proving that Kai was right in his guess!

“You beast, ruining my Soul Demon Sect’s reputation for a lifetime, I’ll kill you ……”

Patriarch Jiang raised his hand and was about to slap towards Jian Zheng!

Zheng Jian was also frantic at this moment when he saw that Patriarch Jiang disregarded the love of master and disciple and insisted on killing himself!

“Kill me, I’m not afraid, but before I die, I’ll tell the people that this Mr Cheng he’s not even surnamed Cheng, his name is Kai, the Kai that the Demon Sealing Alliance has offered a reward of a hundred years of offerings to hunt down.”

“Whoever is able to kill him or capture him to the Demon Sealing Alliance will receive a hundred years of offerings from the Demon Sealing Alliance ……”

Zheng Jian hissed loudly, while his eyes were looking at Kai in anger, if it wasn’t for Kai, Ochre Yan wouldn’t have appeared.

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