The Mans Decree (chinese) 3704

“Zheng Jian, you beast ……”

Seeing that Zheng Jian had actually exposed Kai’s true identity, Patriarch Jiang was instantly infuriated and without hesitation, he slapped down!

With this slap, Zheng Jian instantly died violently!

Seeing the dead Zheng Jian, Patriarch Jiang instantly froze with a mixed expression on his face, after all, it was his disciple that he had brought up with his own hands, but now he had died in his own hands!

Jiang Yulian looked at Zheng Jian’s corpse, she also had mixed feelings and didn’t know what to do anymore!

And Zheng Jian’s words also caused many people around to instantly all look at Kai!

Especially Elder Xia and that Mu Kui!

The two of them looked at Kai incredulously!

Mu Kui’s heart was full of shock at the moment, and he also understood why Kai, who was at the third rank of the Transitional Apparition Realm, was facing his own seventh rank of the Transitional Apparition Realm with ease, and wasn’t afraid at all!

It turned out that he was the one who had been put to death by the Demon Sealing Alliance with a hundred years of offerings, so Kai must have some skills, otherwise the Demon Sealing Alliance wouldn’t have taken out a hundred years of offerings!

“Elder Xia, let’s just go to your house, there are some things I’ll explain to you!”

Patriarch Jiang knew that if he were to stay on this street, many people would know about Kai’s identity, and then Kai would be in danger!

Right now, he could only bet that Elder Xia would not do anything to Kai, after all, Kai had just saved Elder Xia’s daughter!

Elder Xia also understood Patriarch Jiang’s meaning, so he nodded, and then explained to his men, “Keep an eye on this Mu Kui, we can’t let him escape ……”

While instructing his men, Elder Xia’s eyes glanced quietly!

The henchmen instantly understood, for what Mu Kui had done in the Wantong Pavilion, the Wantong Pavilion could only teach him a few lessons, if they really wanted to kill Mu Kui, the Wantong Pavilion wouldn’t want to cause any trouble!

Even if Kai killed Mu Kui, it was estimated that the Mu Family would still be looking for trouble from the Wantong Pavilion, after all, the cause of the incident was in the Wantong Pavilion!

After Elder Xia brought Patriarch Jiang and the others back to his home, Mu Kui was released by the people of the Wantong Pavilion!

“Elder Xia, I did deceive you, this is Mr Kai Chen, the one that the Demon Sealing Alliance has placed a kill order on, but we didn’t mean to hide it, after all, in this situation now, if we don’t hide our identities, Mr Chen is in danger.”

Patriarch Jiang truthfully said after Elder Xia!

Kai’s breath also turned around at this moment, changing back to his original appearance!

Elder Xia looked at Kai, looking up and down with eyes full of curiosity, so he asked Kai, “Mr Chen, I am curious to know, what on earth did you do and what was it that made that Demon Sealing Alliance take out a hundred years of offerings to put you to death?”

Although many people knew about the Demon Sealing Alliance’s execution of Kai, not many people knew exactly for what!

Elder Xia was also very curious, seeing as Kai was only at the third rank of the Transitional Appearance Realm and was still very young, how did he provoke the Demon Sealing Alliance!

“It’s nothing, just killed the son of that Demon Sealing Alliance’s master ……”

Kai said lightly!


Elder Xia immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air, “This is still nothing? No wonder that Demon Sealing Alliance is putting so much effort into killing you!”

“But don’t worry, my Wantong Pavilion doesn’t lack resources either, so I won’t make a move on you for the Demon Sealing Alliance’s hundred-year offering, not to mention that you saved my daughter.”

“But you can’t stay in our Wantong Pavilion for long, after all, your identity has been exposed, I believe that many people have been foolishly interested in you, after all, there are many other cultivators within our Wantong Pavilion as well.”

“I will now take you to inquire about that Broad Cold Palace, once I find out about it, please leave with all haste, Mr Chen!”

Elder Xia appeared to be doing it for Kai’s benefit, but in fact, he did not want to invite trouble for the Wantong Pavilion!

If they all knew that Kai was in the Wantong Pavilion, it was believed that many people would flock to the Wantong Pavilion to take action against Kai, and Elder Xia would find it difficult to do so at that time!

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