Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1464 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1464

It was not until Camryn bit Callum so hard that he bled and let go of her.

Next, Callum’s face was hot and painful.

Camryn slapped him fiercely, right on his face.

She slapped him by intuition.

After serving him the slap, Camryn fumbled for things on the table. No matter what they were, she grabbed them and smashed them at him.

Callum let her smash things at him. It did not hurt anyway.

When Camryn took her white cane and hit him recklessly, he quickly stepped back to dodge it.


“Get out!”

Now, it was Camryn’s turn to be furious.

She was so angry that her face was red, and there were also tears in her eyes.

Camryn thought Callum was a decent man who would not bully her.

Who knew…

Callum forcefully kissed her!

He took advantage of her because she could not see.

Camryn was infuriated!

“Camryn, I…”

Callum knew he had made an impulsive mistake.

He wanted to explain but had no way to do so because he had offended her.

“Get out! Callum York, get out!”

When Camryn heard him speak and confirmed where he was, she threw her cane over.

Nonetheless, Callum was agile and caught the carje she hurled at him.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go out. Stop throwing things and don’t hurt yourself. I’ll leave–I’ll leave right away.”

Seeing that Camryn was so mad that she was about to go crazy, Callum hurriedly took the cane and left.

Camryn could tell from his footsteps that he was walking out. She only sat after she heard him driving away.

Afterward, she raised her hand and rubbed her lips hard.

“B*stard!” she cursed.

She then rubbed her eyes to wipe away her tears.

‘No crying!‘

Camryn had also bitten Callum hard, so his lip was bleeding.

She had taken her revenge.

Camryn promised herself to ignore Callum from now on.

It was his business to have treated her as his wife; she had never treated him as her husband.

Who was he to question her?

Who was he to treat her like that?

Did he think that she would be his just because he kissed her?

Camryn took it as a bite from a dog.

Callum wanted to drive back to the office. However, he remembered that Josh was on leave, his brother knew nothing, and nobody at the company could give him any tip. In the end, Callum went to Wiltspoon School to find his sister–in–law.

Serenity was a woman and was good friends with Camryn.

Callum made a mistake, got into trouble, and angered Camryn. His sister–in–law would be the most suitable person to talk to at this time.

His lip cracked and bled because Camryn bit him hard. It was no longer bleeding, but it felt as if it was swollen.

On top of that, Camryn slapped him hard in the face.

With that, Callum showed up at Serenity’s bookstore with one side of his face red and swollen.


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