Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1465 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1465

Serenity was looking after the bookstore by herself. She looked up when she heard footsteps and was surprised to see Callum.

While getting up and walking out from behind the cashier’s desk, she asked, “Callum, what happened to you? Your lip and face are swollen. Did you fight with someone? Who did you fight with? Did you lose? If you can’t win the fight, you should’ve asked me to help you.”

Callum flushed when Serenity threw a bunch of questions at him.

Did he need his sister–in–law to help him win a fight?

He was much more skilled than she was.

“Serenity, you must help me this time.”

“Of course. How dare someone beat my brother–in–law like that? Even if your brother can take it, I can’t. Tell me who beat you up like this. I’ll go and give it to them.”

Serenity said while dragging a stool over and pushing it behind Callum. “Sit and tell me slowly. Do you want some water?

“I haven’t fought with anyone for a long time. I was just thinking about exercising my muscles.”

Serenity went to pour some water for Callum.

When Callum saw his sister–in–law’s figure and heard her words of concern, he felt that she was very excited.

“Serenity, I didn’t fight with anyone,” Callum explained.

If he lost a fight, he would need to ask his brothers for help. Although his sister–in–law knew some moves, they were fancy but useless against men.

Serenity returned to Callum with a cup of warm water. She handed the cup of water to him and pulled a stool over to sit in front of him. Afterward, she looked at him with her beautiful eyes and asked with concern, “Then tell me what happened.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you if I can. Not only this time, you can always come to me if you’re bullied in the future and need someone to help you out. Your brother has my back, so don’t be afraid.”

Serenity acted like an elder sister–in–law.

She looked like she was ready to seek justice for her brother–in–law whenever he was bullied.

Rowan was the smartest. He clung to her the first time he met her.

He had always thought that Zachary was obedient to Serenity, so he quickly clung to her. As long as he was bullied, he would complain to her.

Callum’s face seemed to have become even redder.

Faced with his sister–in–law’s concerned yet gossipy look, he did not know if he made the right choice by coming to her.

That said, when Callum recalled Camryn’s reaction and thought about the relationship between Serenity and Camryn, he felt that he made the right choice.

Callum decided to let Serenity learn about the gossip. Even if he did not tell her, his brother would tell her when he found out.

After downing half a cup of warm water, he seemed to have mustered his courage. He said honestly, “Serenity, I made a mistake–a huge mistake, and I don’t know what to do. You have to help me. I think only you can help me with this.”

“You made a mistake? A huge one?”

Serenity was no longer gossipy and became worried instead. She asked carefully, “You didn’t kill someone or set a fire or rob someone, right?”

“How could I? The Yorks only do honest business. We would never do things like that.”

“What mistake did you make then? Did you sign the wrong contract and cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars?”

Callum shook his head.

“Tell me what it is then. I’ll wait for you to tell me before I say anything. The more I guess, the more afraid I am. Callum, I must tell you beforehand that I won’t help you if you have to go to jail. for your mistake.”

One must have principles when helping someone else and could not help with everything.

Callum was speechless.

“Serenity, I just kissed Camryn. Do I need to go to jail for that?”

Serenity asked, “Y–you… kissed Camryn?”

She was wondering how far Callum and Camryn had gone in their relationship. It turned out that they had kissed. Serenity was impressed by how fast they were progressing.

Back then, Serenity and Zachary had gotten their marriage license first to become legally married. They only became intimate after a long time.


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