Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1466 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1466

The time Callum and Camryn spent together was not long, so Serenity felt that her brother–in–law was rather quick to have developed their relationship thus far. At least, he knew about relationships better than Zachary.

“Your face is swollen, and your lip also looks swollen as if you got injured. Did you kiss Camryn without her consent? She slapped you, didn’t she?”

Serenity’s eyes flashed with interest.

She was not stupid. She had experienced it before.

Her guess was right on the money once she saw Callum’s appearance–Callum forcefully kissed Camryn.

His handsome face fell and reddened, but he said nothing.

It was an admission by silence.

Serenity stood up and walked away.

“Serenity, Serenity, you said that you’d help me.”

Callum said nervously, thinking that Serenity did not want to help him.

Serenity said without looking back, “I’m going to get a glass of water. You scared the hell out of me.”

Callum was speechless.

After pouring herself a cup of warm water, she came over while drinking it and sat across Callum again. Then, she looked at him.

The Yorks were a good family. Everyone was educated and cultured.

That was Serenity’s evaluation of her in–laws.

Callum was different from Zachary, who was cold and arrogant. Although he was not exactly warm, he was much gentler than Zachary.

She did not expect him to force himself on others.


“Callum, you really didn’t strike me as a pervert.”

Callum’s ears flushed red.

“I–I was impulsive. I got angry. Camryn refused to answer my calls and see me, but I saw her very close to another man. I saw that man poking her forehead.”

Callum knew he was at fault for being indecent toward Camryn. He really just acted on impulse.

He was jealous.

He was jealous of that stranger.

The man was not as handsome as he was, but his mien was not inferior to Callum’s. He must have been a man with a successful career.

“After all you did, I’d be surprised if Camryn answered your calls. Was she very intimate with other men? She doesn’t have a boyfriend, right? How could she be that intimate with a man? Who was the man you saw? Do you know him? Could he be a relative of hers?”

Callum was stunned.

Could that man be Camryn’s relative?

“I asked Camryn, but she refused to tell me. She even said that it was none of my business who that man was and how he was related to her. She said that we’re just friends, so I have no right to question her about who she’s close to.”

Callum added very softly, “I just did something impulsive because I got angry.”

After all, forcing himself on someone was not something to be proud of. He could not announce it to the whole world.

“Is she ignoring your calls and chasing you away because you forced yourself on her?” Serenity asked.

Callum shook his head. “I told her the truth yesterday. I told her I approached her because she’s the wife Nana had chosen for me. That’s why I treat her as my wife and help her unconditionally.” Serenity was speechless.


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