Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1472 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1472

Mrs. Lewis saw that there were no freshly delivered flower bouquets or fruit baskets in the ward and completely believed Liberty’s words.

She thought, ‘Did that boy really not come to see Liberty? But he admitted that he was here to visit her.‘

However, Liberty said that she did not see him.

There was only one possibility–her son came but did not enter the ward.

That was why Liberty did not see him.

In the end, the problem lay with her son.

“He was already here at the hospital and on the same floor anyway. Why didn’t he come see you?” Mrs. Lewis asked, pretending to be ignorant.

Liberty smiled and said nothing.

Duncan and her paths crossed frequently, but most of the time, it was because Duncan going to her store for breakfast.

He helped her a lot, but that was only because she was Zachary’s sister-in-law.

Mrs. Lewis looked at Sonny, who was eating by himself, and said, “I won’t bother you anymore, Liberty. You should continue feeding Sonny. I have to visit my friend now.”


Liberty got out of bed and insisted on seeing Mrs. Lewis out.

Mrs. Lewis saw that Liberty could move freely and did not try to stop her anymore. The two walked out of the ward together.

“Take care, Mrs. Lewis.”

Liberty stood at the door and watched Mrs. Lewis leave.

Mrs. Lewis quickly walked away.

“Did Mr. Lewis come by?” Liberty asked the bodyguard.

He answered honestly, “Yes. He came for about twenty minutes but didn’t go in. He also told us

not to tell you. He just stood at the door for twenty minutes before leaving.”

Liberty hummed. She did not understand why Duncan came without entering her ward.

Did he really come to the hospital to see her?

Liberty felt a little uneasy when she thought of Mrs. Lewis’s implications.

Mrs. Lewis misunderstood and dropped her a hint because she thought Liberty had a little something with Duncan.

Liberty returned to the room and saw that her son had finished eating. She wanted to clean up the dishes, but Mrs. Lane hurried in to clean up.

Liberty lowered her son to the ground for him to walk around and sat back on the bed. She took out her phone from the drawer of the bedside table and sent a message to her sister.

[Seren, are you on your lunch break?]

Serenity replied, [I’m watching the store so I can’t take a break. Have you and Sonny eaten?]

[Sonny just finished eating. He’s a slow eater.]

[It’s fine if children eat slowly. Sonny is already very smart to be able to eat by himself. I’ve seen many three- and four–year–olds who still need their parents to feed them.]

Serenity felt that her nephew was exceptional.

[Seren, I have something to tell you. Mr. Lewis came over earlier but didn’t enter the ward. Your bodyguard said that he stood in front of my ward for twenty minutes before leaving, and he happened to meet his mother when he left.

[Mrs. Lewis didn’t come to see me. A friend of hers was hospitalized and happened to be staying on the same floor, so she stopped by to visit me. However, she was actually dropping me a hint. Why do I get the feeling that she thinks I’m pining for her son?]

Liberty confided in her sister, [I’ve never thought of Mr. Lewis in that way. He only helped me because of Zachary, but Mrs. Lewis thinks there’s something between us and hinted something at me. She said that Mr. Lewis is very busy and time is precious to him, and that he earns a lot of money every minute.]


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