Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1474 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1474


Liberty said seriously, “I’ve never had such thoughts. I really don’t have any interest in Mr. Lewis, and Mrs. Lewis has already chosen a wife for him. Ms. Harmon is a very good lady.

“Even if I want to remarry, I won’t marry Mr. Lewis. We’re worlds apart. Mrs. Lewis will never choose me to be her daughter–in–law. If I get together with Mr. Lewis, I’ll still have to endure my mother–in–law making things hard for me again.

“Seren, I finally managed to jump out of the Brown family. You can’t expect me to jump into the Lewis family now, right?

“My former mother–in–law was a horrible person, but she doesn’t hurt others. The ladies from affluent families are not that simple. Do you think everyone is like your mother–in–law? It’s hard enough being the missus of a wealthy family. There’s such a large gap between Mr. Lewis and I, and Mrs. Lewis doesn’t like me either. Who knows what she’ll do to me if I become her daughter–in -law?”

Liberty’s head was crystal clear. She did not become complacent and smug just because an important CEO liked her. She did not try to rush into a relationship with him.

She knew very well that Duncan and she were not suitable, and she did not want to suffer at the hands of her mother–in–law again.

Now, she was raising her son and running her own breakfast diner. She no longer had to serve her family. Liberty felt that was good enough. It was good to be single.

“Liberty, I think Duncan will also be very persistent when it comes to a relationship. Now that he knows how he feels, he’ll take action and pursue you…”

Liberty was silent for a moment before asking, “Seren, do you think I should move my store elsewhere? I won’t rent a store that belongs to Mr. Lewis. I’ll stay far away from him and won’t accept him. He’ll give up eventually if he sees that he’s getting nowhere.”

Duncan was a large CEO. He would give up if he was rejected.

“Liberty, he and Zachary are close friends and they meet often. And Zachary is your brother–in–law. It’s impossible for you two to not meet.”

Liberty paused, and said, “You’re right I’ll just reject him. If he comes to my store for breakfast in the future, I’ll ask my worker to attend to him. I won’t talk to him.”

Since escape was not an option, she had to face it head–on.

Liberty felt that as long as she acted cold and ignored Duncan, he would not be able to stand it and give up on her voluntarily.

Compared to her, she believed that Duncan would soon understand that Lily was more suitable for him.

“Seren, why didn’t you tell me if you found out about Mr. Lewis’s feelings long ago?” Liberty complained about her sister hiding the truth.

Serenity said apologetically, “You’re still recovering, and Zachary persuaded Mr. Lewis not to confess to you so soon so as not to scare you, so I hid it from you.” *

If not for Serenity feeling wronged on Liberty’s behalf by Mrs. Lewis’s insinuations, she would have waited until her sister was discharged from the hospital before talking to her about it.

However, it was a talk they had to have sooner or later. It was better to talk about it now. 1

“Don’t hide anything from me again in the future. We’re sisters who’ve relied on each other for so many years. What is there that you can’t tell me? No matter what it is, I can face it.”

Liberty was shocked and never dreamed that Duncan would have feelings for her.

However, she did not like how her sister kept her in the dark.

In this world, her sister and she were the closest. There was nothing they could not say to each other.

Liberty remembered how Grandma May said that she could introduce a better man to Liberty and help her live a life better and happier than when she was with Hank. That was the best revenge against Hank.

She thought, ‘If Mr. Lewis doesn’t give up, I’ll ask Grandma May for help.‘


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