Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 685 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 685

Elisa was there to hear the entire conversation between Liberty and Mike. She angrily uttered, “I can’t believe they’re still hounding you for money.”

“He wants to borrow money from me, saying that business is bad now, and he’s in the red. He needs to pump in a million bucks into operations.”

“How shameless of him! And I thought I was the most brazen person in Wiltspoon. People called me shameless for going after Mr. York, but compared to your relatives, I’m considered modest.”

Liberty ended up soothing Elisa instead. “Don’t get worked up over these people, Elisa. Serenity and I will never be on good terms with them. Those people can go to hell for all I care.”

The hardship the Hunts faced right now was karma hitting back at them.

“Come on, let’s enjoy the buffet and alcohol. Elisa, your pastry chef makes the best desserts. I’m going to eat to my heart’s content today!”

Jasmine turned the subject of conversation elsewhere.

Elisa laughed at her. “Desserts are fattening… Liberty, I wasn’t not talking about you.”

Unbothered, Liberty replied, “Desserts are fattening, but I cut out sweets in my diet.”

“I don’t care if desserts have high calories. I run and train every day, so a bit of dessert won’t kill my weight.”

Pulling Elisa along, Jasmine called Liberty and her son to go inside the house.

Since Liberty gave up on sugar, she had to hold out against anything tasty at the party.

Keeping to her diet was the first step to losing weight.

By the time Josh arrived, Jasmine had had her fill and was drunk.

Drake came along as the designated driver for his sister. While helping his drunk sister out, they ran into Josh who was surrounded by a crowd.

Josh came late on purpose so that all eyes would be on him.

It never crossed his mind that Jasmine was on her way out when he had just arrived.

“Mr. Bucham.”

Drake nodded at Josh.

“What’s going on Ms. Sox?”

“My sister is drunk.”

Josh was speechless. It seemed she could not hold her liquor.

“Mr. Bucham, I’m off to drive my sister home.”

Holding his sister up by the arm, Drake gave Josh another nod and brushed past him.

Jasmine was not the only person under the influence of alcohol. Even Elisa, who enjoyed more than the occasional drink or two, was smashed.

It was because the pair had somehow chatted about Mr. York, and Elisa called the maid to switch their wine to hard liquor. Jasmine and Elisa took turns downing the drink until they were wasted.

Josh wanted to walk toward Jasmine as the public watched on, so everyone would know he had a thing for Jasmine. Guess the plan went up in smoke.

Even the best–laid plan would go astray and this seemed to be the case for Josh.

Josh only showed up at the Stones‘ party because of Jasmine. Now that Jasmine was gone, he did not have a reason to stick around.

The Stones‘ party was the buzz and only ended at midnight.

The following day, Liberty was firm on returning to her little home together with her son, despite Mrs. Stone’s insistence for her to stay.

Before leaving the Stones‘ residence, Liberty had a long talk with Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone wanted to give two houses to Liberty and Serenity, but after consulting with her sister, Liberty turned down Mrs. Stone’s generous offer.

Mrs. Stone also wanted to give each of her nieces a lump sum of money to enrich the sisters‘ material lives.

Liberty refused the kind gesture as well.


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