Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 686 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 686

Liberty said to Mrs. Stone, “Aunt Audrey, Seren and I are young and able. We don’t need your help. Don’t worry too much about us. Have faith in us. We will get to the top with our own effort.

“I do have one thing to ask of you. Try not to let everybody know that Seren and are your nieces. We have seen all kinds of people and the ugly side of humanity. I’m worried that others might use us against you or the Stone Group.”

After much thought, Mrs. Stone replied, “I’m happy that you think that way, Liberty. You are both strong–willed like me. I’ll take a step back since you don’t need my help, but you must let me know if things get tough for you.

“It doesn’t matter if others don’t know about our relationship, but your relatives must know of that fact, or they’ll continue to pester you girls for money.”

Stone Group’s reputation came in handy at times.

“They already know Elisa stands behind us.”

Elisa got into it with the Hunts at the shop.

“I won’t go out of my way to tell them, but I might use your name to put pressure on them when we take them to court to repossess our parents‘ home. It should work in our favor.”

“Tell me when you decide to start the legal battle. I can help you hire the best lawyer. With the inheritance law, you should win the case.”

Liberty knew that she and her sister would get the house back through court. However, the Hunts were despicable and would not easily back off. Even if the sisters won the legal battle, the Hunts would play dumb. The sisters would have to pull out the big guns and use Aunt Audrey’s name.

Following the long talk with Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Stone was true to her word and only watched her nieces in the dark. She did not interfere with her nieces‘ lives.

It was only right to leave the girls to walk their paths.

It took a week before Zachary got rid of his nasty cold.

Since there was work to be done, Callum took over while Zachary was in the hospital. Callum returned to Wiltspoon a day before Zachary was due to be discharged.

With New Year closing in, most factories had put out the dates of the Christmas and New Year closure. York Corporation was rushing the year–end deadlines. After consultation with

Zachary, it was decided that the employees could go on leave during the festive. holidays.

Zachary kept in mind what his wife said to him.

He would get a treat once he got better in health.

Once back at the apartment prepared by the subsidiary company, Zachary got to packing.

“Why are you packing your stuff, Zachary?” Serenity asked in confusion. They had only returned from the hospital.


Turning on his heel, Zachary faced Serenity and pressed down on her shoulders as their eyes locked. He tenderly uttered, “This is not our home. I don’t want to spend our first night here.”

Serenity’s beautiful eyes flickered. “Oh, you remember what I said.”

Zachary pulled her toward him while inching his attractive face toward hers to nuzzle. He breathed into her ear. “I don’t remember when you swore at me, but I won’t forget that you talked about going all the way with me. To make that happen, I’ve been braving myself to take the shots in the past week.”

It nearly killed him! It was a shot a day.

Zachary had complained to Mr. Tank behind Serenity’s back about the big needles. The way he saw it, the doctor could have used a smaller needle.

“Did it hurt that bad?”

Serenity felt for Zachary when he had to take the shots. It was hard on him.

Zachary had to endure a shot every day.

“It hurt, but I’m better now. How about you give me some sugar and make the pain go away?”

Bearing a smile, Serenity wrapped her arms around the nape of Zachary’s neck and drew her lips against his.


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