Married at First Sight Chapter 1828 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1828 by desirenovel-Grandma May: “The old lady of the Johnson family is better off than me.”

The old lady of the Johnson family was old, and her husband was still alive, accompanying her, and the house was full of children and grandchildren, all of whom were filial.

The old lady was also full of children and grandchildren, but her husband had been away for many years, and she was very lonely in her heart. The man who loved her the most and understood her was gone.

If she didn’t find something for herself to do, she would be even more lonely.

This was why she loved to toss.

Grandma May: “Serenity, didn’t you say you have to deal with one thing? Go ahead, grandma will clean up and go out later.”

Serenity said, before going out with grandma, she needed to deal with the affairs of villa No. 188 good. At the same time, she also called her sister, expressing that she would seize the tail of the summer vacation and take Sonny out to play.

Liberty was currently in her new restaurant with Sonny, and when she received a call from Serenity, she readily agreed to let her take Sonny out for a trip.

The summer vacation was coming to an end, and Liberty didn’t even take her son out to play because she had no time.

Sonny listened to the conversation between his mother and his aunt, and after his mother hung up the phone, he raised his head and asked, “Mom, where is my aunt taking me?”

Liberty: “Bring you back before the 1st, and school will start on the 1st.”

Sonny let out a sigh, and then said happily: “What time will my aunt leave?”

Liberty: “In the afternoon, let’s go home first, and Mom will help you pack some clothes.”

Sonny nodded happily.

Grandma May was an actionist. In the afternoon, she really took Serenity and Sonny out for a trip. Serenity was supposed to go on a business trip to Jensburg, so she left it to Elisa.

Elisa also wanted to go out to avoid it. Her mother had always disapproved of her being with Remy, and tried every means to match her and Andrew. She was annoyed, and Andrew was also annoyed, so it was better to go on a business trip to avoid the limelight.

Zachary didn’t know about this.

At 9:30 in the evening, when Zachary returned home with a gift for his beloved wife, he got out of the car and did not see Serenity coming out, but Serenity’s car was at home, which meant she was at home.

Zachary smiled lowly and said to himself: “The jealousy hasn’t gone down yet.”

He took the gift and walked into the house.

At this time, Sam came out of the house, and the two met at the door.

“Master, you’re back.”

Sam smiled all over his face, but he didn’t dare to look at Zachary.

“Is your young lady asleep?” Zachary asked Sam while walking.

Sam: “The eldest young mistress went out.”


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