Married at First Sight Chapter 2416 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2416 by desirenovel-When Zachary entered the door, he saw Serenity sitting on the bed, looking at him with a smile on his face. Zachary was amazed. He knew that Serenity was very beautiful, but she didn’t dress up very much in the past. Today, she put on the wedding dress he tailored for her, and the jewelry he sent. Unable to move his eyes away, his eyes fell on her, as if they were stuck.

“The groom was stunned.”

Everyone secretly laughed.

Elisa said: “Zachary, you need to find Seren’s wedding shoes before you can pick her up.”

Elisa told Zachary to ask her to find Serenity’s shoes.

Zachary walked over, first gave his beloved wife an affectionate hug, and after letting go of his beloved wife, he touched the jewelry Serenity was wearing, “Are these things heavy?”

Serenity at this moment was a mobile jewelry store.

Serenity smiled and nodded, “But it’s within the range I can bear.”

There were many more, she really couldn’t wear them, so she kept them in the jewelry box, and the jewelry boxes were all open, so that people could see how many and how valuable her jewelry was.

When Serenity first knew Zachary’s real identity, the anger of being cheated made her impulsively propose a divorce, which frightened Zachary. In order to make Serenity feel safe and not feel unworthy of him, Zachary wanted to transfer all the properties under his name to Serenity.

Serenity refused.

Now, he was using the wedding to send all the property he could give to the Hunt family as a bride price.

Liberty was also a person who loved her younger sister, Serenity. She didn’t keep a center of the betrothal gifts from the York family, and took them all back to Serenity. She also took out what she could to give Serenity a dowry. It could be said that after a wedding, Serenity became the richest woman in Wiltspoon.

Zachary: “You wait, I’ll go find your wedding shoes right away, and if I find them, I’ll take you home.”

In the end, Zachary still asked Serenity softly: “Do they have any other big moves waiting for me?”

Serenity smiled but didn’t answer.

Zachary knew that his beloved wife was standing on the side of the bridesmaids at the moment, so he stood up straight resignedly, and said to the best man group: “Everyone help me to find the shoes.”

So, Zachary took his best man team to look for Serenity’s wedding shoes.

But they turned Serenity’s boudoir upside down and couldn’t find the pair of shoes.

At this time, Sonny, who had counted the number of red envelopes, squeezed his red envelopes tightly and walked in.

Sonny: “Uncle, what are you looking for?”

Zachary said, “Look for your aunt’s shoes.”

Sonny snorted, and said: “Auntie’s shoes, I saw that beautiful Aunty hid them on the window sill.”


Zachary walked quickly to the window, opened the curtains, and actually dragged Serenity’s pair of wedding shoes on the window sill.

They just looked through the closet and looked under the bed, but they didn’t look at the window sill, and they didn’t think of this.

Zachary found Serenity’s wedding shoes, smiled and gave Sonny a thumbs up, and praised: “Sonny is such a good boy.”

Sonny thought he had done something wrong at first, but after being praised by his uncle, he straightened his waist and said happily: “I have always been a good boy. Uncle, will you always be nice to my aunt?”

Zachary said seriously: “Uncle will treat your aunt well all his life!”

Sonny said: “Uncle, I believe in you, so my aunt will be handed over to you. Uncle, you will take my aunt home, and I will go to drink with you.”

Everyone laughed.

Zachary picked up his beloved wife, bid farewell to his oldest sister Liberty, and got into the wedding car with everyone’s blessing.

Although the two had been married for more than a year.

When Serenity was picked up by Zachary, Liberty couldn’t help crying.

If the parents were still alive, they would be very happy that Serenity found a good home.

Liberty looked up at the sky, and said silently in her heart: ‘Dad, Mom, I raised Seren, and she has found a good home. She will be very happy with her husband taking care of her for the rest of her life, don’t worry.’


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