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Married at First Sight Chapter 2417-Today, Wildridge Manor’s door was open, and a large crowd of visitors could be seen.

The York family rarely held banquets, and even if they did, they were held at the Wiltspoon Hotel.

After the late old Mr. York built the Wildridge Manor for Old Mrs. York, only when Zachary’s parents got married, the wedding banquet was held at the Wildridge Manor, and the others were at the Wiltspoon Hotel.

Now it’s Zachary’s turn, and Old Mrs. York pushed back, saying that the oldest grandson’s wedding banquet would be at the Wildridge Manor, and the Wiltspoon Hotel was closed today, but it was the company’s staff who went to the Wiltspoon Hotel for the wedding banquet.

The employees of the York Corporation could enjoy delicious food at the Wiltspoon Hotel all day today, and they could also receive red envelopes and wedding candies from their president.

Zachary was really generous.

His marriage was tantamount to the joy of the entire York Corporation.

Kiera was not familiar with everyone, but Julian hired a girl to take care of Kiera on his behalf. Of course, Kiera couldn’t be allowed to know that he was Julian.

He told everyone in advance that when they saw him, they should call him President Bucham.

No one dared to forget Young Master Bucham’s exhortation.

It’s not the first time for Kiera to come to Wildridge Manor, and She still couldn’t help being fascinated by the beauty of Wildridge Manor.

She didn’t need others to take care of her. When Julian followed Zachary to pick up the bride, she wandered around the Manor alone. Because of Zachary’s wedding, the Manor was also decorated with joy, and the big red happy characters could be seen everywhere.

Kiera took pictures of all this with her mobile phone.

It’s worth coming here.

When Zachary went out to meet his relatives, Kiera was amazed to see the long wedding caravan.

She had grown up so much and had participated in many weddings. This was the first time she had seen that there were as many as a hundred wedding cars. In their Yonsburg, there are more than a dozen wedding cars.

The richest man in Wiltspoon was different.

It was also the importance Zachary attached to Serenity.

Kiera felt that Serenity was the heroine of Cinderella in the novel. Without father, mother, and strong family background, she was able to marry into the No. 1 wealthy family in Wiltspoon. She couldn’t think of anything else except to describe it as a good life.

Serenity’s marriage was still very dramatic and bloody.

It was she who had saved the old lady of the York family before, and the old lady felt that Serenity was a good girl, so she acted both hard and soft, forcing Zachary to avenge her, and promised Serenity.

Zachary reluctantly repaid his grandma’s favor, flash marriage, hidden marriage, the young couple went from being strangers and living together as a partner to the present husband and wife loving each other for the rest of their lives, which was not easy.

Anyway, Kiera felt that the marriage between Zachary and Serenity could be used as material for writing, but unfortunately she could only read novels, not write novels.

While walking, Kiera met Hayden.

Kevin followed his elder brother to the Hunt family to pick up the bride, and Hayden, like Kiera, was free to move around in the Manor.

The elders of the York family were all busy, and Hayden didn’t want to trouble the elders, so she wandered alone, and then met Kiera.

Knowing that Kiera was Julian’s girlfriend, what else did Hayden not understand?

Hayden had heard rumors that Julian was ill even in Jensburg.

She heard that Julian must meet a woman who could make him respond, so that he could become a real man, and that woman was his savior.

As Hayden grew up, she was well-informed, but this was the first time she had heard of Julian’s situation.

However, if Julian met a woman who could make him respond and married her as his wife, then that woman would really not have to worry about her husband cheating for the rest of her life.

Because her husband didn’t respond to other women except her, and he was powerless to cheat.

The two stopped at the same time.


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