Married at First Sight Chapter 2418 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2418-“Mr. Queen.” Under Julian’s introduction, Kiera knew that Hayden was from the Queen Enterprise in Jensburg, the head president of the Queen Enterprise, and the young master of the Queen family. He was also the rumored boyfriend of Kevin.

Well, Kevin was gay, which surprised Kiera.

She didn’t expect that Kevin would be gay, let alone that the whole York family didn’t stop him from being gay, and she never thought of breaking up Kevin and Hayden.

However, Hayden was indeed handsome.

But who was Kevin and what was his identity? She had seen too many handsome men and beautiful women since she was a child.

It may be Hayden’s cool demeanor that attracted Kevin.

Kiera looked Hayden up and down several times, and summed up in her heart the reason why Kevin fell in love with Hayden.

“Ms. Caron.”

Hayden was older than her and had worked in the business world for many years. She had deep sincerity and sharp eyes. Kiera looked at Hayden, and Hayden could guess what Kiera was thinking in her heart.

She didn’t explain much.

She came to Zachary’s wedding banquet as Mr. Queen, not as Kevin’s girlfriend.

At this moment, she represented the Queen family.

Besides, she really didn’t like to wear women’s clothes.

In fact, it was not only Kiera who saw her like this; except for the York family, everyone else looked at her with curiosity when they saw her, wondering what she was relying on to impress Kevin, so that Kevin did not love women but fell in love with her.

Kiera: “Mr. Queen alone?”

Hayden: “Ms. Caron is not alone.”

Kiera smiled: “Mr. Bucham followed Young Master York to pick up the bride. I am not familiar with them. The scenery of the Manor is so beautiful, so I visited the garden alone to enjoy the scenery, which can also relieve the embarrassment of being in a crowd but not knowing anyone.”

If Kiera didn’t want to see the big scene, she wouldn’t have followed Julian on this trip.

However, it was also worth it. At least, she heard a lot of little stories. For example, Kevin was gay.

If she hadn’t come this trip, how would she know that Kevin liked a man, and she wouldn’t know that Callum’s fiancée was a blind girl. Fortunately, Camryn’s eyes were recovering.

She had seen the enlightenment of the York parents and seniors.

It was really enlightened, not just talking about it.

Which one of the sons of the York family was not outstanding? They could find better girls, but Callum was with a blind girl who pretended to be a pig and ate a tiger.

Don’t talk about others, let’s talk about today’s hero and heroine. If they are an ordinary wealthy family, can you agree that the oldest son who inherits the family business will marry a girl who has no father and no mother?

Don’t talk about wealthy families. When choosing a daughter-in-law, a family with a better family will give priority to the in-law’s family who is well-matched with them and can bring help to their son.

Hayden looked around the surrounding environment, and said: “Wildridge Manor is well-deserved of its reputation, it is late autumn now, if it is spring, I heard that the scenery of the mountain is even more beautiful.

In summer, you can enjoy the lotus. There is a big lotus pond in the Manor. The lotus blooms in midsummer, which is very beautiful. I heard that too. I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the lotus in the Wildridge Manor.”

Kiera said with a smile: “Next summer, Mr. Queen can always come to enjoy the lotus.”

Given Hayden’s status as the rumored boyfriend of Kevin, rewarding lotus was not a problem.


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