Married at First Sight Chapter 2419 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2419-After Hayden pursued her lips, she said, “You won’t know until next year what will happen next year. Often the plan cannot keep up with the changes.”

Kiera smiled, “That’s right. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. There will always be unexpected changes in the planned things, so we have to change the plan.”

Kiera: “Mr. Queen, would you mind going for a walk together?”

After thinking about it, Hayden still politely declined Kiera’s offer. She also said it very bluntly: “In everyone’s eyes, I am Kevin’s rumored boyfriend, and Ms. Caron, you’re a distinguished guest invited by President Bucham. Walking with me will affect you to some extent.”

Kiera didn’t expect Hayden to say that, she smiled and said, “I can’t force you, Mr. Queen, Mr. Queen, you surprised me.”

Hayden: “Do you think I admit that I am Kevin’s rumored boyfriend?”

Kiera nodded, “Yes.”

Hayden said with a rare smile: “Since Kevin publicly pursued me, he and I have been bound together by everyone. His pursuit of me is obvious to all, and everyone knows it. I can also face it calmly.”

“Mr. Queen, have you accepted the pursuit of the Third Young Master York?” Kiera asked gossip.

She saw that Hayden was facing the reality calmly, neither evading nor getting angry, so she boldly took the liberty to gossip.

Hayden didn’t look at Kiera. She stared ahead. After a long silence, she said, “I admit that my heart is moved.”

Kiera: “…However, the world cannot accept your situation.”

Hayden: “We live our lives, as long as we are happy, we don’t care what others think of us.”

Besides, Hayden was not a real man.

In Kevin’s words, it didn’t matter if she pretended to be a man for more than 20 years, it couldn’t change the fact that she was a woman.

Kiera: “That’s right, it’s good for us to be happy ourselves. As long as your relatives can accept it, you don’t need to care about what others think. The elders of the York family are very enlightened to me. I have heard that The elders of the York family are particularly enlightened.

They are very enthusiastic about you Mr. Queen, and they don’t seem to dislike you, nor do they mean to stop you from being together.”

Hayden smiled and admitted: “Yes, they are very open-minded, they treat me very well and warmly, and they treat me like a daughter-in-law.

My parents also treat Kevin as a son-in-law.”

From Hayden’s words, Kiera heard the hidden information, that is, between Hayden and Kevin, Hayden was treated as a woman, so it was accepted.

This trip today is really worth it, and I got a lot of writing materials.

It’s a pity that she didn’t know how to write novels, and she rarely reads novels. Even if she did, she usually read martial arts novels or supernatural novels.

“Brother.” Hugh walked over from a distance and yelled from afar.

Hayden looked at Hugh, her shallow smile faded, and changed into a serious expression.

Hugh: “Brother, why are you here?”

He came over and nodded politely when he saw Kiera.

Kiera smiled back, and then said to Hayden, “Mr. Queen, I’ll go first.”

Hayden nodded.

Kiera walked away quickly.

After she walked away, Hugh asked Hayden: “Who is that beauty just now? I haven’t seen her before, she looks very attractive.”


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