Married at First Sight Chapter 2423 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2423-Hayden looked at him, “Are you going to Jensburg after your elder brother’s wedding?”

Kevin: “You’re in Jensburg, of course I’m going to Jensburg, unless you follow me back to Wiltspoon.”

Hayden: “…you are really idle.”

“After I graduated, I helped my elder brother manage the family business. My elder brother said that I was picky and good at cooking, so he arranged for me to take over the catering industry. He said that if the food in the Wiltspoon Hotel didn’t suit my taste, he would not be able to conquer a customer’s stomach.

It has been nearly ten years since I took over the catering industry under the York Corporation. In my job position, I am as stable as an old dog. Even if I am not in Wiltspoon, major hotels can still operate normally. There are also general managers and several vice presidents in our hotels, and only important things need me to deal with them.

Even if I live in Jensburg for a long time, I won’t be affected. For me, whether I can stay at home for the New Year this year and not be kicked out by grandma is the most important thing.”

Hayden heard from Kevin that if he couldn’t catch up with her, he would be kicked out of the house by Grandma may during the New Year this year, and he would not be allowed to celebrate the New Year at home.

She asked curiously: “Is your grandma really going to drive you out and not let you go home for the New Year? Grandma is such a kind and open-minded person. I think she may scare you. Because all of you are filial to grandma that she scares you like this and asks you to follow her arrangement.

Kevin, I’m not afraid of your anger. I think your grandma is a bit domineering in arranging your major life events in this way. Marriage cannot be twisted, and a twisted melon will not be sweet, but your grandma helped you arrange wives in major life events, and they are all girls you have never seen before, or you don’t know.

Grandma is not worried that you don’t like the woman, but in order to be filial to her, if you don’t love her and marry that girl, will you live an unhappy life?”

Kevin was not angry, he just said: “Grandma’s actions seem to be the elders’ actions, very domineering, but she hopes for our well and knows us best, but it is the truth.”

“We are all a blank slate in terms of relationships. Even if we had a girl we liked when we were young, it was immature and did not develop deeply. That is everyone’s normal reaction in adolescence.

When we graduated and matured, we had long forgotten the idea of liking before. The emotional gap made grandma dare to fill it in for us boldly, and help us choose wives that suits us according to our personality.

Grandma said that the one-year period, if we can’t complete the task, we won’t be allowed to celebrate the New Year at home. This is indeed to scare us, but the one-year period is true. If one year, we can’t let us choose with her. If we develop feelings for certain girls, it shows that we are not suitable for girls.

Grandma will accept the reality and won’t really force us to marry a girl she doesn’t love. Grandma doesn’t care about our poor life after marriage. She doesn’t want to harm someone else’s daughter.

Maybe, the only ones who make grandma desperate are the oldest brother and sister-in-law. Fortunately, grandma made the right bet. Today’s elder brother and sister-in-law’s wedding will be the best result.

Elder brother and sister-in-law are because of what the master said. The master said that the elder brother only has one chance to have a peach blossom. If he doesn’t seize the opportunity, he will never marry for the rest of his life. He is the most beloved grandson of the grandma. Grandpa will never die until he marries. The one who is worried that he will end up alone is the elder brother.

For us, grandma gave us a chance. We didn’t get a marriage certificate like our elder brother and sister-in-law, and took the route of marriage first and love later.

Look, how much I resisted you at the beginning, always complaining that grandma found me a man, obviously I am a normal man, but she wants to crook me, now, I’m still in love with you.”

Kevin said a lot.

Hayden smiled and said, “I understood.”

Kevin: “Hayden, my grandma is definitely the best grandma in the world. If you spend more time with her in the future, you will understand that what I say is the truth.”

“Grandma has a good reputation and popularity.” Hayden recognized Grandma York’s character.


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