Married at First Sight Chapter 2424 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2424-It was Grandma York’s arrangement of major events in the lives of her grandchildren, which puzzled Hayden a lot. It was not the first time that Kevin explained to her. She could understand clearly, but she still couldn’t empathize. Maybe she was not york’s family. It’s because the warlords grew up.

She also discovered that the parents of Kevin and others didn’t worry about their sons’ marriages, and let Grandma York do it.

Regardless of the appearance and family background of the daughter-in-law that Grandma York chose for them, they accepted them all.

It may be that the parents were not responsible enough, and grandma York would take care of the grandchildren’s marriage.

“My grandma’s reputation and popularity are the best in Wiltspoon. In the past, our York family and the Stone family were deadly rivals. As long as we meet my grandma, the Stone family will give three points of courtesy.” Kevin spoke proudly, and then said: “I hope grandma can live a long life, and see that nine of our brothers are married, and see the birth of great-grandchildren.

She always talks about my grandpa, saying that she misses my grandpa very much, but grandpa said that he is gone, and the children and grandchildren will be handed over to her. She also often scolds my grandpa, scolding my grandpa for being irresponsible. But grandpa went to enjoy bliss, leaving her to worry about it.

My grandpa and grandma have a very good relationship. Grandma did this for grandpa. When grandpa died, she couldn’t worry about her children and grandchildren. Grandma worried about their grandchildren’s marriage, so that grandpa can rest in peace under the nine springs. Wildridge Manor is the home built by grandpa for grandma.”

Hayden held Kevin’s hand instead.

When Kevin mentioned his grandparents, his mood changed obviously. Hayden guessed that the nine brothers Kevin also had a very deep affection for his grandfather.

Grandpa had passed away for many years, and they would be sad when they mentioned it.

And the most uncomfortable must be Grandma York.

Hayden said: “Grandma will live a long life. I think grandma is in good health. It will not be a problem to live another 20 years.”

Kevin nodded.

The two held hands and walked towards the main house in the center.

On the way, they met Julian who was looking for Kiera.

“Mr. Bucham.”

The two stopped to say hello to Julian.

Julian glanced at the hands held by the two, and said, “Kiera is lost, I’ll go pick her up.”

Kiera was wandering around Wildridge Manor alone, and got lost while wandering around.

Although it was her second time to come to Wildridge Manor, it was really too big. When she came for the first time, under the leadership of Julian, she just walked around and couldn’t remember all the routes.

In the Wildridge Manor, those roads were criss-crossing, and the scenery with many routes looked similar. People who were not familiar with it were easy to get lost.

Kevin smiled and said, “Mr. Bucham, go quickly.”

Kiera was not the first person to get lost in Wildridge Manor, nor would she be the last.


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