Married at First Sight Chapter 2425 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2425-Serenity didn’t know how the guests were doing. She followed Zachary through the door to toast some elders at the wedding banquet.

Zachary had some wine to drink. Serenity couldn’t drink alcohol while she was pregnant. Zachary was worried that she was too tired to continue, so he sent her back to the wedding room to rest.

Serenity was indeed tired, as soon as she got back to the wedding room, she would fall asleep.

Zachary smiled and helped her up, and said, “Take a bath, change your clothes and go to sleep.”

Serenity: “Don’t I need to go out to entertain guests tonight? “

“We will back at night, and we don’t have to go out to entertain guests. We’re all tired all day today, so we need to go to bed early.” Zachary put his arms around her waist, pulled her into his arms, and said distressedly: “Today, you are exhausted.”

Serenity snuggled into his arms and said: “Just sleepy, very sleepy, I didn’t sleep long last night, my sister woke me up just after dawn, and I just relied on willpower to hold on all day long. Now my eyelids are constantly fighting, reminding me to catch up on sleep.”

Zachary let go of her, “I’ll help you put the bath water in, and I’ll go out after you take a bath, let you fall asleep while washing.”

“Thanks husband.” Serenity did not refuse his thoughtfulness, and was used to it.

With Zachary here, she could stretch out her hands with her clothes and open her mouth with her food, without having to do anything.

Zachary, who was always outside with a sad face. His face looked so serious that it could make a child cry. But Serenity just fell into his tenderness and consideration little by little, fell in love with him, and couldn’t extricate herself from it.

Serenity kissed Zachary’s cheek.

Received a kiss from his beloved wife, Zachary contentedly went into the bathroom to help her put the bath water.

After putting away the bath water, he came out and said gently: “Seren, you go take a bath first, and I’ll help you get your clothes. You don’t have to go out at night. You’re hungry. I’ll bring you something to eat. Take a good rest. I’ll get your pajamas for you.”

Serenity: “After falling asleep, I guess I can sleep until tomorrow.”

Zachary smiled, “Then sleep until tomorrow, and you will have breakfast when you get up tomorrow, so you won’t be hungry.”

Serenity walked to the bathroom and asked him: “Although we have obtained the certificate for more than a year, we only held the wedding today. Tomorrow, the second day of our wedding, should I get up early to prepare breakfast for everyone?”

Zachary: “No, if you get up early to prepare breakfast for everyone, I will still be scolded. The elders in the family will definitely scold me. You are now the national treasure of our family. The most important thing is to rest well, eat and drink well, stay happy and leave the rest to me.”

Serenity smiled and touched her stomach, “This little one is extremely fortunate. If it is a daughter, thousands of people might genuinely love her, just like they did with Avah. My daughter and Avah will become friends. If it’s a son, it would be great to be Avah’s husband.”

Zachary laughed: “You don’t consider getting married with Josh anymore? I always said before that if you have a son, you will be sworn brothers with Josh’s son, and if you have a daughter, you will be in-law with Josh.”

Serenity: “…I changed my mind when I saw Avah. Let’s talk about it after the baby is born. Avah, it’s probably not our son’s turn. Titus is watching over.”

“The child is so young, who knows what will happen in the future, it is too early to say that Titus is guarding her.” Zachary thought that he had a son, and Josh’s was also a son, so he could indeed keep an eye on Avah.

Titus was nominally the adopted son of Jane and Ben, and he and Avah were siblings.

Even unrelated brothers and sisters.

Besides, the children were only so old, and the future couldn’t be said now, not all childhood sweethearts would become lovers.


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