The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7095

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7095-Stavros’ words made everyone present laugh.

“Emperor Stavros, have you become dumb because you’ve been beaten up by James? Why would we be afraid of him who is a mere living being?”

“That’s right. Emperor Stavros, it’s not that we don’t want to respect you, but as a Path Emperor, you should stand on our side instead of defending an outsider.”

“Who’s James? If he was really that powerful, he wouldn’t have been imprisoned in the Gate of Mystery by Xanthakos.”

“Emperor Stavros survived the disaster in the Wuinfinite Formation and was saved by Lord Goyo. He’s being cherished so much that he’s no longer courageous.”

After Stavros listened to everyone’s mocking, his face turned pale. He was trembling with anger.

In the next second, he flipped the table in front of him. Countless spiritual fruits on the table fell onto the ground.

Instantly, everyone present was stunned. They got up one after another.

At this moment, a beautiful chambermaid in a white robe closest to Goyo suddenly waved her hands. The Bohnwer Light suddenly shot out, engulfing all the spiritual fruits scattered on the ground.

On the other side of Goyo, another beautiful chambermaid in a red robe got up.

She scolded, “Emperor Stavros, are you crazy? These are all top-notch divine objects in the Daoist Temple. If they fall into the hands of all words, do you know how big of a tribulation it will cost and how many powerhouses will be born from the lowly living beings?”

The woman who spoke previously said sullenly, “Even one divine object shouldn’t fall into their hands, let alone so many. The living beings are evil.

They’re shameless and greedy. They aren’t worthy of the divine objects!” Upon hearing that, the furious Stavros laughed.

Then, he pointed at the chambermain in a red robe and the woman. “One of you is Lord Goyo’s personal manager, while the other is the leader of the nine path kings. Even you two treat the living beings as ants. It isn’t surprising that the living beings are resisting US one batch after another.”

The woman was at a loss for words.

With a shaky voice, Stavros said, “Previously, the first batch of living beings who entered Zymurgy went against the law. Then, Morgott caused chaos in Zymurgy.

After that, Harper, Yianni, Chuba and Zemra caused a commotion in the FortyNinth Heaven.

“The rebellion of the living beings gets more violent and bloody each time. They also despise us more. Isn’t it enough to attract your attention and make you reflect on yourselves?

“We regard the living beings as ants, but the Haleth Realm can’t exist without them. We enjoy their offerings and worship, but we guard against, discriminate against and even bully them without any mercy and blessing.”

Then, Stavros raised his head and sighed. “If I were a living being, I must be one of those who rebel against US.”

Right away, the entire place was in an uproar.

At this time, the woman pointed at Stavros. “How dare you say such words as one of the Five Path Emperors? It seems that you want to break free from the Supreme Path and enter the Demonic Path…”

“So?” Coldly, Stavros stared at her. “Maria, I know you’ve been eyeing the position of the Path Emperor, but you couldn’t make a move. Now, you’re forcing me to step down from the position. Do you think you can take over if there’s a vacancy?”

Maria was enraged.

With a loud sound, an amethyst-gold scroll appeared in Stavros’ hands. He raised his head and looked at Goyo who had been silent. “Lord Goyo, you’re the leader of the Five Path Emperors. Although you rarely show yourself, make the decisions on everything. I was entrusted by someone to give you this resignation letter.”


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