The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7096

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7096-After that, Stavros glanced at the people present. ‘The resignation letter in my hand was written in blood by Emperor Cosimeon. If allowed, he will immediately hand over the Cauldron of Kind and Evil.”

Upon hearing that, everyone present was in an uproar again.

Cosimeon wanted to resign as the Path Emperor?

The position of the Five Path Emperors was a position that was coveted by all gods. Not only was it because of the status, but also because of the gates it controlled.

If one was granted the position of the Path Emperor, one could do anything to all worlds and reach the pinnacle of power, but now, Cosimeon wanted to resign. It was unbelievable.

“Emperor Stavros.” Taichu, who had been silent, got up. “You have always been at odds with Emperor Cosimeon. Why would he…”

“Are you doubting this resignation letter?” Stavros smiled. He waved his hand and turned the resignation letter into a ray of amethyst-gold light. He handed it over to Taichu.

Taichu grabbed it and took a look. She was stunned.

Cosimeon had a good relationship with her. She was familiar with the soul sigil and Primordial Spirit. These couldn’t be fake. More importantly, the resignation letter was written with Cosimeon’s blood. It represented his determination to resign.

Then, Taichu took a closer look at the scene. Among all the gods, Cosimeon was absent. She couldn’t help but feel nervous.

She had never seen Cosimeon since her return from the failed battle of the Fortieth Heaven. Every time she visited him, she would be turned away. She was panicking.

“I have another resignation letter here.” Suddenly, Stavros said, “Please accept it as well.”

Then, he reached out and unfolded an amethyst-gold scroll.

Immediately, blood spurted out from his two fingers, turning into a blood pillar.

Stavros wrote his resignation letter on the amethyst-gold scroll and handed it over to Goyo.

Upon seeing that, everyone present was dumbfounded. They were stunned.

What was going on? The position of the Path Emperor was something that everyone wanted to obtain. Suddenly, there were two vacancies. Was it a dream?

“Emperor Stavros.” With a straight face, Taichu shouted, ‘This is a gathering. If you have anything to say, please say it directly. Tell US your hatred and anger.

Why must you be so extreme?”

“We aren’t being extreme. We’re doing it to avoid disasters.” Enunciating each word, Stavros said, ‘You’re right. I have always been at odds with James, but after the disaster of the Fortieth Heaven, I’ve thought everything through.

“I’ve never been James’ match. I will never be. Rather than being on the same side as you and being killed by him in the next war, I will retreat and return to my original state, entering nothingness.”

Then, Stavros bowed at Goyo and Taichu before glancing at the gods present.

After that, he left.

“Stop!” Maria suddenly shouted, ‘You handed over your resignation letter, but you didn’t hand over the Gate of Wuia. This is a threat. You’re disrespecting Lord Goyo.”

Upon hearing that, Stavros smiled strangely. He turned around and answered, “I’m sorry. James has taken away my Gate of Wuia. He gave it to Morgott. Now, I have nothing. Of course, if you want to kill me, you can do it now. I won’t run away.”

At that, everyone was in an uproar again.

The Gate of Wuia was taken away. It was with Morgott now. How terrifying would the tribulation that would happen soon be?


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