The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7097

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7097-After taking a glance at Stavros who was resolute, Maria bowed at Goyo. ” Lord Goyo…”

Goyo waved his hand to interrupt Maria. He slowly raised his head.

“Stavros, this isn’t the time for a dispute. Besides, the status of you and Cosimeon as Path Emperors isn’t appointed by me. It was appointed by Waitara. I can’t accept your resignation letters.”

Immediately, the place fell silent. Stavros felt his heart drop.

Goyo was cunning. It seemed that Stavros and Cosimeon must be involved in the tribulation. They could not avoid it.

“Your words make sense.” Suddenly, Goyo said, “We have indeed gone overboard in treating the living beings.

“But the outcome of the situation has been fixed. It can’t be changed overnight.

Even if the Haleth Realm is to be dominated by the living beings and let US retreat to the back, we should retreat with dignity.”

Upon hearing that, Stavros turned around and looked at Goyo, astonished.

Goyo was too cunning. He was taking advantage of the situation to stir up the situation.

“Power can no longer restrain US,” Goyo continued, “But our dignity and status can never be shaken. Thus, even if we let the living beings dominate the Haleth Realm, we must still fight this war.

“Whether it’s James or Xanthakos, no matter how wronged the living beings felt or how much they despise US, we must win this war.

“Only by winning this war can we retreat with dignity and still be their gods. They will still respect and worship US. It’s our bottom line.”

His words were agreed with by all the gods. Everyone clapped. Even Taichu’s eyes lit up. She agreed with Goyo.

Taking a deep breath, Stavros asked, “What if we lose?”

His words made the warm atmosphere turn cold. Then, he suffered countless criticisms. All the gods accused him of talking nonsense. How could they be afraid of a group of ants and lose to them?

Amidst such ridicule, Stavros smiled helplessly and left with his hands behind his back. He used to be Xayvion and was now Emperor Stavros. Although James’ wisdom surpassed his, he was a powerful existence in all worlds. He disdained the Alcide beings’ stupidity.

Seeing Stavros walk out of the temple, Maria was enraged.

“How dare he do this? He’s going against the Path. Are there still rules in all worlds?” Several kings came forward and reprimanded Stavros. They wanted Goyo to punish him.

However, they stopped speaking after Goyo glanced at them.

Rules?” Coldly, Goyo said, “I think you guys are the ones who are unruly.


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