The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7098

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7098-“Even if he’s in the wrong, he’s still one of the Five Path Emperors. He has a higher status than you. None of you have dignity. You’re unruly.”

Upon hearing that, the gods who were initially noisy fell silent. They were so terrified that they dared not breathe.

“Alright. You may step down.” Goyo waved his hand. In a low voice, he said, “No matter what Xanthakos wants to do, we will act according to the plan and be fully prepared.”

All the gods stood up. They bowed at Goyo before turning into beams of light and disappearing from the temple.

It was only then that Goyo looked at Taichu. “Taichu, Stavros’ words weren’t

unreasonable. What we are worried about might not be Xanthakos. Instead, it might be James who is inside the Gate of Mystery.

“So, before the war, I hope you can meet the Yin governor. She’s not only the Yin governor, but she’s also the master of the Wyrmscale Source who can make decisions. More importantly, she can influence James’ decisions.”

Upon hearing that, Taichu frowned. At this time, Maria snorted. “Lord Goyo, is this necessary? A mere ant…”

Goyo’s expression darkened. He waved his hand, causing a strong wind to howl and know Maria away.

When the other path kings saw that, they knelt on the ground fearfully. They were horrified.

Taichu sighed. “If the Yin governor is imprisoned by Xanthakos in the Qadeer Temple, we have no chance. We can only find someone to pass on the message.

‘The main issue now is that once Xanthakos rebels, where will he attack?”

Goyo raised his head, showing a solemn expression. “To control all worlds, one must control the Forty-Ninth Heaven first. To control the Forty-Ninth Heaven, one must first control the Wuia Palace.

‘The Path Designation Bead in the Wuia Palace is the key. Whoever obtains the bead will be the new Supreme Path.”

Then, Goyo sighed. “In the past, in the Forty-Ninth Heaven, the Five Path Emperors would keep one another in check. With Taiyi and you guarding it, no one dares to eye on the Path Designation Bead.

“But now, with the withdrawal of Cosimeon and Stavros, a direct confrontation between Xanthakos and me has formed as Emperor Yiulia is nowhere to be seen too.”

After that, Goyo looked at Taichu again. ‘We are, without a doubt, on the same side. The key is that if the Wyrmscale Source is on Xanthakos’ side, we will be in a passive position.

“If James chooses to work with Xanthakos, we will lose this war. By then, we will face endless tribulations.”

Upon hearing that, Taichu nodded. She got up and said, “I will find the Yin governor now.” Then, she turned into a ray of light and shot out of the temple.

Goyo slowly closed his eyes. “James, you shouldn’t be deceived by Xanthakos.

Otherwise, you will suffer endless tribulations too.

By then, even Frona can’t save the situation, let alone you.1


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