The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7100

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7100-Thea, among the divine beings, were getting closer to the Marauder Warriors who were formed by Lesia. James was nervous.

However, when Xanthakos arrived before the Marauder Warrior transformed by Morgott, he stopped walking. Thus, the supreme beings behind him stopped as well.

Upon seeing that, James became even more nervous.

He wasn’t worried about the Marauder Warriors transformed by Yianni and Lesia, but Morgott was a variable.

Xanthakos used to be Morgott’s mortal enemy. Xanthakos sealed him for millions of entrapochs. It was a grudge that contained blood. With his temperament, could Morgott hold back his anger when his enemy was right

before his eyes?

However, in the next second, Xanthakos reached out to touch the Marauder Warrior transformed by Morgott.

Right then, James was panicking. “Morgott, please hold back!” As Xanthakos’ hand got closer to Morgott, when he was about to touch Morgott’s face, Morgott moved.

“Oh no!” James exclaimed.

Harper was surprised by James’ exclamation. “What’s wrong?”

On the screen, when Morgott had just taken out his weapon, Yianni and Lesia also pulled out their weapons.

Instantly, all the Marauder Warriors flashed with amethyst-gold light. All of them pulled out their weapons and turned to face Xanthakos. Murderous Energy filled the void.

When they saw that, James and Harper’s eyes widened. They held their breaths.

On the screen, Xanthakos stopped reaching out when he was about to touch Morgott. Then, Xanthakos, who was doubtful, suddenly laughed.

Standing to the side, Quintus said, “Emperor Qadeer, it’s dangerous. They are refined by Path Stones. Once…”

“It’s fine.” Xanthakos had a strange smile on his face. Suddenly, he shouted, “Dorvus!”

In a flash, Dorvus appeared beside Xanthakos. He bowed.

With a smile, Xanthakos asked, “Where’s the token that controls the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors?”

Dorvus was taken aback. He quickly said, “It was taken by the devil. It’s all because of Hankin…”

“Nonsense.” Xanthakos snorted and said, “Without the token, how can the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors stay still?”

Dorvus raised his head and widened his eyes. “Emperor Qadeer, the token isn’t with me…”

“Is that so?” Xanthakos narrowed his eyes. He turned to look at Quintus and Quentyn. “When you guys saw the Marauder Army, were they orderly?”

Quintus exchanged glances with Quentyn. Then, he smiled and said, “Mr.

Quentyn, speak up.”

Quentyn frowned.

Xanthakos and the divine beings present turned to look at him. At this moment, Quentyn was in danger.

Upon seeing that, Harper rolled her eyes at James. “I told you that they aren’t reliable. Now, we have given back the gift Xanthakos gave US.”

Meanwhile, James narrowed his eyes. He stared at the screen without saying a word.

It didn’t matter if Quentyn handed over the secondary Marauder Token. The outcome would be the same. It was just that James had a bit of anticipation.


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