Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1477 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1477

No wonder it was so quiet and peaceful today. She did not hear any noise from her former in–law’s family.

So it was Serenity who helped her out.

She had to admit that it was a good solution.

Her grandparents were unreasonable and difficult people. Furthermore, they were already old, so they did not have to do much. They could control the Brown family just by lying in front of their door.

“Does Seren know that you’re here?”

“She knows Serenity arranged for people to rent a nice place for us, complete with all the daily necessities. Our unit is on the same floor as the Brown family. They have to pass by our door if they want to go out.”

Liberty could not help but laugh. “In that case, I’ll leave it to you, Granddad, Grandmom.”

She was tired of being pestered by her in–laws.

They kept trying to get her to remarry Hank, but Hank was already married to Jessica. Even though Jessica was arrested, they were not divorced yet.

Putting aside how Liberty would never go back to Hank, even if she wanted to, they should still wait until Hank divorced Jessica, right?

When she was the daughter–in–law of the Brown family, her in–laws joined forces to accuse her and instigated fights between Hank and her. They bullied her for not having an income yet made Hank go Dutch with her.

They wanted to force her to go out and earn money to support the family, but they did not want to help take care of Sonny. However, they were willing to raise their daughter’s three children. The monthly living expenses that Hank gave his parents were spent on Chelsea’s family as well.

Now, Liberty had walked out of the shadows of divorce and opened a small breakfast diner of her own. She finally had an income and was hopeful for her future, but her former in–laws wanted her to return to them. What did they take her for?

Did she have to be their daughter–in–law just because they wanted her? Then, they could kick her away again when they did not want her anymore.

For Sonny’s sake, Liberty did not argue with her former in–laws.

However, it was because of that that led her to be harassed by them all the time.

It got worse after Jessica was arrested. Olivia and Chelsea could literally come to the hospital thrice a day, saying things like they hoped she could forgive Hank and remarry him.

Old Mr. Hunt said, “We’re old and can’t help you much, but this is one thing that we can still help with. Don’t worry and just focus on recovering. We tried telling you not to marry that Brown boy, but you refused to listen.

“You’ll suffer if you don’t listen to your elders.”

Liberty smiled and said nothing.

When Hank and she got married, her grandparents brought her uncles and aunts to their door, but not to send their blessings. They wanted to ask for a bride price of three hundred thousand dollars. When Hank did not give them the money, they said they would not let her marry him.

It was certainly not out of good intentions.

However, she indeed married the wrong person.

“Well, I’m relieved to see that you’re fine. We won’t disturb your rest anymore. We’ll go now and keep an eye on that family. We won’t let them have the chance to pester you.”

Old Mr. Hunt also remembered what they did in the past, but he did not reveal his awkwardness. When he saw that Liberty was unwilling to engage in conversation, he stood up and got ready to leave.

“Grandmom and Granddad, take these fruits back for yourselves. I have plenty already.”

Liberty picked up the bag of fruits that Noah brought as she got up to see them off. She passed the bag to Noah and let him take it.

“Noah, Grandmom and Granddad are old now, so keep an extra eye on them. Call us if anything happens.”

Since the two elderlies were here to help her out, she had to make sure that they did not get angered to death by the Brown family.

Noah saw that his grandparents did not refuse to take back the fruits, so he took the bag and responded, “I know. Grandmom and Granddad are good at quarreling. That family won’t win against them.”

Old Mrs. Hunt suddenly spoke up and said smugly, “Exactly. There are not many people back in town who can beat me in a verbal fight.”

Liberty went back to her room and took some of the supplements and snacks that everyone had given her, filled a big bag to the brim with them, and asked Noah to take it with him.


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