Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1482 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1482

Zachary went back to work.

His wife would pick him up from the office in the afternoon, and they would go and celebrate Josh and Jasmine’s marriage together.

Zachary could dive right back into his work, but Duncan could not focus on his.

Duncan’s mom asked him right after Zachary ended the call, “Duncan, what did Zachary tell you?”

“Mom, do I need to tell you the content of my calls? You didn’t even take me seriously when I was a child. Now that I’m in my thirties, you’re here to control me. Don’t you think it’s too late?” Mrs. Lewis choked.

“Mom, you’ve finished what you wanted to say. I have to get back to work.”

Duncan wanted his mom to leave.

Mrs. Lewis said after a moment of silence, “Since Josh is treating you to dinner tonight, take Lily with you and let her slowly integrate into your circle of friends.”


Duncan directly refused.

Mrs. Lewis asked, “Do you hate Lily that much? What about her that is inferior to Liberty? She’s better than Liberty-be it her background, appearance, or age. She’s also much more capable than Liberty.”

“Ms. Harmon isn’t better than Liberty; she was just better at her reincarnation this life. If Liberty had the same starting point as Ms. Harmon, she might’ve taken control of a big group on her own long ago.

“Mom, don’t ask me why. I don’t know the answer either, but I just like Liberty. There’s no need to ask why and when. I just have to move and look forward.”

Mrs. Lewis was furious.

“Mom, are you going back by yourself, or should I arrange for my secretary to drive you?”

Mrs. Lewis stood up and said with a tense face, “I’ll go back by myself.”

“Have a safe trip.”

Duncan smiled with his eyes squinted despite having pissed off his mom.

Mrs. Lewis called Lily after she left Lewis & Co. She said, “Lily, Josh got his marriage license today and invited Duncan and the others to dinner tonight. You should accompany him.

“That’s Duncan’s circle of friends. You should first blend in with his friends, and then you’ll slowly be able to find your way into his heart.”

When Lily received Mrs. Lewis’s call, she was in a good mood as she happened to have sealed a deal with a veteran CEO.

“Okay, Mrs. Lewis, I’ll go find Duncan at his office later.”

Mrs. Lewis was very pleased with Lily’s positivity. She asked, “Have you settled the collaboration you’ve been working on for a few days?”

Lily smiled and answered, “Yes. I informed my secretary to book a flight and send me the contract. After signing the contract with Mr. Ziegel, I don’t need to worry about any changes.”

Mrs. Lewis was also happy for her.

She felt that Lily’s achievements would belong to their family in the future. The greater Lily was, the more she would be able to help Duncan. The husband and wife together could make Lewis & Co. better.

“Lily, congrats.”

Lily thanked Mrs. Lewis with a smile.

The two of them chatted for a while before Mrs. Lewis hung up the phone.

Her mood was seriously affected after her son pissed her off, but her future daughter-in-law made up for it.

What Mrs. Lewis did not know was after she ended the call, Lily called Duncan and told him everything.

Lily said, “Mrs. Lewis isn’t going to give up. Duncan, I won’t go to the dinner with you, but in case she checks and causes unnecessary trouble, send me a picture of the dinner later.

“I’ll upload it to my social media. Mrs. Lewis will think we’re dining together when she sees it.”

Duncan responded in a deep voice, “Mr. Harmon, if you do that, it’ll only make my mom even more determined to set us up. You mean well, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I’m also not afraid of my mom talking to me about it.

“Apart from my granny, who had some say, even my parents can’t interfere in my marriage.”

Duncan’s granny had passed away many years ago.

Duncan respected his granny very much, but she could not come back from the dead to stop her youngest grandson from pursuing Liberty.

Nonetheless, Old Mrs. Lewis and Old Mrs. York were good friends.

The two besties had similar temperaments. Old Mrs. York was unconventional when it came to choosing partners for her grandsons.


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