Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1485 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1485

Serenity visited her sister in the hospital first.

When she arrived at the hospital, Liberty and Sonny had finished their dinner.

“Aunt Ser.”

Sonny was delighted to see Serenity. He ran to her asking her to carry him.

Serenity picked him up and saw her sister getting ready to wash the insulated lunch boxes. She quickly said, “Liberty, I’ll wash them.”

“You don’t need to. I’m also bored now, so I’m just looking for things to do.” Otherwise, Liberty would have let Mrs. Lane wash the lunch boxes long ago.

“You closed the bookstore pretty early today.”

Serenity stood at the bathroom door with her nephew in her arms. While watching her sister wash the lunch boxes with hot water, she responded, “Jasmine is treating us to dinner. Sonny, you’re full from dinner already. I was going to take you to dinner.”

Liberty chuckled and said, “I’m being raised like a pig now. I eat, sleep, and repeat every day. Moreover, the food brought by Sam every day is delicious. If I keep going at this on a daily basis, I’ll grow to a hundred sixty pounds again when I get discharged.”

She was someone who gained weight easily.

As long as she ate a little more, her waist would become thicker.

“There’s no such thing. I see that you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Liberty had almost died but survived, after all.

“Take Sonny with you later. He’s bored from spending all day here with me. He always wants to watch cartoons on my phone, but I don’t let him because it’s bad for his eyes.”

Liberty washed the lunch boxes and continued, “Seren, before you come over tomorrow, go to my place and bring Sonny’s set of Lego blocks so he can play with them when he comes after class. It’s better than watching cartoons on the phone.

“Bring the reading and writing set as well. I’m super bored now, so it’s the perfect time for me to teach him to read and write. He’s going to kindergarten in September and will learn something then. Preschool is the same as hiring someone else to take care of him.”

Kindergarten tuition was not cheap nowadays. A semester could easily cost several thousand dollars or even ten thousand dollars for better ones.

If a child started now, they would need to attend three years of kindergarten to go to elementary school.

Raising a child was the most expensive thing to do, or children would not be known as “money- eaters”.


Seeing that her sister was fine, Serenity quickly left the hospital with Sonny and went to York Corporation.

It was after work time by the time they arrived.

“Mrs. York.

“Mrs. York.”

When Serenity entered, employers who saw her along the way greeted her with smiles.

Sonny, who was being held by her, stood out the most.

The little one was handsome and cute. When some senior managers stopped to talk to Serenity, he greeted them sweetly and was praised for that.

Zachary knew Serenity had arrived the moment her car entered the building.

He had long finished his work at hand and only waited for Serenity in his office because she said that she would come to pick him up.

Zachary immediately took the elevator and went downstairs when he knew Serenity had arrived.

“Uncle Zak.”

Sonny was sharp-eyed and saw Zachary. He broke free from Serenity and dashed toward Zachary like a happy little bird.

When Sonny’s adorable voice was heard, many people stopped and turned to look at their cold- faced CEO.

They saw their CEO taking a few quick steps forward. He squatted and opened his arms for Sonny to run into his embrace.

Sonny buried his head into Zachary’s arms. Following that, Zachary carried him up and spun him in circles that he laughed out loud.

Zachary laughed as well.

Everyone else was speechless.

Was this their cold-faced CEO?

He had such a gentle side.

It seemed that their stone-cold CEO liked children.

Given how well their CEO treated his wife and nephew, for all they knew, he might become a stay- at-home dad after Mrs. York gave birth to a child. He might even come to work with the baby.


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