Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1486 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1486

Everyone imagined Zachary coming to work with a baby in his arms. They could not help but shiver and did not dare imagine it!

The senior managers who were talking to Serenity said with a smile, “Mrs. York, Mr. York is here. We’ll be leaving first.”

They did not want to be third wheels.

Serenity grinned and nodded. After the senior managers left, she walked over to the man and the kid with a smile.

“Zachary, you have to hold him tight.”

Some people did not hold their children tight when lifting or spinning them, causing them to fall on the ground. The consequences would be serious.

Zachary stopped lifting and spinning Sonny in the air.

He lowered Sonny and carried him instead as he responded with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll hold him tight. I won’t let him fall no matter what.

“Sonny, am I good?”

Sonny answered, “Uncle Zak, you’re good-very good.”

The little guy thought, ‘As long as you stop calling me a third wheel, you’ll be even better.’

Sonny finished talking and wrapped his arms around Zachary and kissed him on the face. Afterward, he acted shy and buried his head on Zachary’s shoulder.

Zachary smiled from ear to ear after he was kissed by the little guy.

He said to Serenity, “No wonder Duncan is extra fond of Sonny. This little one is truly likable and lovable.”

Serenity chuckled and said, “Don’t you know who raised him? I raised him, so of course, he’s adorable.”

Zachary looked at his wife.

“Why are you looking at me like that? What I said is true-I brought Sonny up.”

“You’re right, you’re right. I just wanted to see how thick-faced my wife has become since being together with me.”

“You admit that you’re thick-faced.”

Serenity took one of Zachary’s arms. The two of them walked outside together.

Zachary laughed and said, “I am-I’m very shameless in front of you. Nana likes to criticize me the most. Sometimes, she calls me out so much that I wonder if I’m truly her grandson.”

Serenity wanted to laugh when she recalled how Grandma May attacked Zachary verbally in the past. Nonetheless, Serenity held back so that she could maintain her good image as the CEO’s wife.

“Nana only criticizes her grandsons. She likes to make fun of her closest ones but is gentle and polite to outsiders. Everyone says she’s kind and generous.”

Zachary had no comments.

Serenity was right.

No wonder Grandma May liked Serenity so much. It was because Serenity matched her taste.

“Was everything okay this afternoon?” Zachary asked Serenity.

“You know best if everything was okay.” Zachary’s men were always secretly protecting her. He could learn about her every move at any time if he wanted to.

Serenity added, “What can happen to me now? They’ve been caught and are waiting to be sentenced.”

Even so, she also learned a lesson from this.

Mischievous people were difficult to deal with.

Serenity would try not to offend petty people in the future.

This time, Serenity offended Mrs. Newman and her daughter to save Camryn. The mother and daughter were brutal. Now, 90% of Mrs. Newman’s dark forces were cut off, and the rest of them were being pursued by the police. This case had somewhat ended.

“Oh, there are a few things still on my mind. It’s about Elisa and Remy. I wonder when the two of them will remove the veil.”

Zachary leaned into her ear and whispered, “That’s their business. You should put your mind on our wedding.”

“Isn’t it still early?”

They still had several months to prepare for it.

Serenity was not in a hurry at all.

She felt that there was still plenty of time.

Zachary said he had asked an internationally famous bridal designer to tailor a wedding dress for her. That designer had not come yet.

Serenity did not care about these things because Zachary would arrange them nicely.


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