Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1490 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1490

Josh could not throw a talent show for Julian, could he?

After peeling a plate full of shrimp for his beloved wife, Zachary removed his disposable gloves and said in a deep voice, “I’ve heard of the disease.

“Julian, let nature take its course. How about I introduce my nana’s most trusted fortune teller to you? He can tell if you’re going to be forever alone or will have many children and grandchildren.”

Julian asked, “Grandma May’s most trusted psychic? If she trusts the psychic so much, he must be really skilled.”

He respected Grandma May very much and believed in what she said.

“Julian, let Grandma May’s trusted psychic see if someone can save you, okay?” Josh was impatient. He said to Zachary, “Zachary, call your nana later and ask her to introduce the psychic to my brother.”

Serenity wanted to laugh.

She tried her best to hold back.

Zachary said seriously, “Okay, I’ll call her when I get back.”

Julian looked at Zachary with an indescribable look.

Zachary calmly accepted his gaze.

“Aunt Ser, I want to drink water.”

A childish voice was heard, breaking the silent atmosphere.


Serenity was going to pour Sonny a cup of warm water when Zachary had gone to do so.

Soon, Zachary returned with the water for Sonny.

“Thank you, Uncle Zak.”

Sonny was well-mannered and thanked him.

Julian looked at Sonny and asked Serenity, “Serenity, he’s your nephew, right? He’s cute and well- behaved.”

Serenity reached out to caress her nephew’s head. “Yes, his name is Sonny.”

“Uncle Jul, you look very cute too,” Sonny complimented Julian back.

Everyone laughed.

Julian chuckled and responded, “Little friend, I’m an adult now and can’t be described as cute.”

“Uncle Jul, you’re good-looking-as good-looking as Uncle Zak,” Sonny paraphrased.

Julian teased him on purpose. “Who’s better looking? Me or your Uncle Zak?”

Sonny answered without thinking, “Uncle Zak, of course.”

Everyone laughed again.

The little one was biased toward his family.

Zachary laughed as well. His love for Sonny was not in vain.


While everyone was talking and laughing, Callum called out to Serenity softly. When she looked at him, he whispered, “Serenity, I didn’t see Camryn. She wasn’t in the shop this afternoon. I think she’s just avoiding me.”

Callum could not reach Camryn as well.

It was because Camryn had changed her phone number.

The slap mark on Callum’s face had disappeared.

“Serenity, can you help me contact her?”

Callum no longer asked his sister-in-law to plead for him. He only wanted to know where Camryn was at the moment.


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