Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 699 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 699

Zachary’s loving statement gave Serenity assurance. She uttered with a smile, “I’ll open the gate for your mom now. Don’t come at me if I fight your mom for accusing me of skipping on house chores.”

Serenity was a firm believer that all household tasks should not fall on the married women’s shoulders.

She would argue with her mother–in–law if the latter started criticizing her as Mrs. Brown did to her sister.

Zachary smiled. “Alright. I won’t come at you, but I trust my mom won’t say that to you.”

Even if Mom had a problem with Serenity, she would only mention it to Zachary. Mom would only tell it to Serenity’s face when she felt Serenity had crossed the line.

Serenity went to unlock the gate for her mother–in–law.

Tania was getting impatient from waiting, but she did not show it on her face.

While opening the gate, Serenity apologetically said, “Sorry to keep you waiting, Mom.”

Tania tenderly asked, “Have you and Zachary eaten?”

“Not yet. Zachary’s cooking in the kitchen.”

With the gate opened, Serenity asked as Tania walked into the villa, “Mom, don’t you want to drive your car into the driveway?”

Stopping in her tracks, Tania contemplated before answering, “I just dropped by to see you. I’m leaving in a minute. I’ll just leave the car there.”

Since finding out that her son got the nasty flu during a business trip, Tania had been keeping in touch with her son every two days. She knew that her daughter–in–law took great care of her son and kept him on a tight leash, making him take his daily shots.

Tania had mixed feelings about it.

She was not fond of Serenity as her daughter–in–law. Her son had no choice but to marry Serenity to repay her kindness for saving Grandma May.

Tania thought Zachary would never fall in love with Serenity.

To her surprise, it took less than three months for Zachary to develop feelings.

Although Serenity had an aunt like Mrs. Stone as family support, the Stones‘ wealth had nothing to do with Serenity.

Tania would not think highly of Serenity just because of her connection with Mrs. Stone.

Cultured as she was, Tania would not say or do anything to Serenity.

Zachary was spending the rest of his life with Serenity, not her.

Her son knew what he was doing. He could decide whether Serenity made a good wife or if the marriage was working.

It was so long as Zachary did not mind Serenity’s upbringing and being the laughingstock of the community.

“Zachary’s cooking?”

Tania appeared surprised. “It’s been a while since he cooked anything.”

Serenity closed the gate and went into the house with her mother–in–law. While walking, Serenity happily chatted, “He bragged about his cooking. I wasn’t convinced, so I told him to show me. Mom, you should try Zachary’s cooking later and be the judge of who is the better cook.”

Tania’s impeccable face from religious skincare only the wealthy could afford beamed. She said, “Zack isn’t the best cook among his brothers and cousins. The one with the talent is Austin. Austin always hides away in the kitchen to create new flavors since he was a little boy. After going at it for over a decade, he’s now the best cook in the house.”

Austin was Tania’s youngest son. He did not take up a position at York Corporation. Instead, he started his own business in the food and beverage scene. Austin had made quite a name for himself.

“The simple dishes you make are delicious. I prefer your cooking to Zack’s.

“It’s been a while since I tasted Zack’s cooking. I can’t remember the taste.”

Serenity grinned. “You came at the right time. You can savor Zachary’s cooking later.”

“Sure.” Tanía nodded.

Since Zachary took over the management of York Corporation, he had not caught a break and had no time to go into the kitchen. Plus, he lived on his own and rarely came back to the old residence. As his mom, Tania had not tasted her son’s cooking for a long time.

The mother–in-law and daughter–in–law had a pleasant talk while walking with

Serenity keeping the conversation alive.

Zachary was worried at first that his mother would give Serenity an attitude. He quickly whipped up the last dish and hurried out of the kitchen. He was about to head out the door when his mom and wife waltzed in, sharing a talk and laugh.

He stopped as his handsome face wrinkled in smiles.

Zachary knew he had nothing to worry about.

Serenity had the knack of setting the tone that his mother would have nothing to pick at.


Zachary tenderly called his mom.

“I got a good whiff of the delicious aroma the moment I came in. I guess your cooking hasn’t digressed.”

Tania complimented her son before turning to Serenity. “You gotta keep it up, Serenity. Don’t let him beat you.”

“Mom, you haven’t even tried his cooking yet. Zachary’s food might not taste as good as it smells. He should be the cook every day to refine his skills if he loses to me. He should be put in charge of the family dinner during New Year.”

With her beautiful eyes sparkling, Tania responded with a grin, “You must get him to practice when he has time, so we don’t get food poisoning.”

Zachary listened as his mother and wife shared a pleasant conversation. His mother tried to fool Serenity into taking care of the three meals, and Serenity made a beautiful comeback without stepping on Mom’s toes.

The doorbell rang again.

“It must be the seafood delivery. I’ll go collect it.”

Turning on her heel, Serenity headed for the gate once again.

With Serenity gone, Tania began to circle her son.

“Mom, whatever it is, you can tell me. Seren isn’t here. She can’t hear you.”

Tania extended her arm and tugged on Zachary’s apron before saying, “You look a bit like your dad like this.”

“I’m my dad’s son. Of course, I look like my dad.”

Zachary led his mother to sit down on the sofa.

“How long has it been since the heir of the Yorks and CEO of York Corporation held a pot and pan? You’re going back to cooking for a woman. Zack, I’m impressed.”

She was not very fond of Serenity as a daughter–in–law, but she knew her son well.

Without an older family member playing the matchmaker, the boy would forever live a single life.

Her son could not stand playing with girls when he was a little kid. Teenage boys would start pursuing girls while her son got dozens of love letters without even trying. He handed the letters to the teacher without even opening them.

The girls, who wrote the love letters, got an educational speech from the teacher.

Over time, many girls could no longer muster the courage to confess their feelings or give him love letters. They simply admired him from afar.

Zack would not attend any trips with buddies if there were any girls tagging along.

In short, he had a thing against engaging with women.

Grandma May had once suspected Zack was misogynistic.

As Tania had a good understanding of Zachary’s character, however displeased, she did not stop Grandma May from fixing him and Serenity up.

She wanted to see if Serenity could change her son’s attitude toward young women.

Tania could accept Serenity if there was chemistry between the couple.

She would not have had hard feelings if the couple decided to split. Tania could then set her son up with an heiress of an equal footing with the Yorks.

Zachary uttered in a gentle voice, “Mom, I’m only walking the same path as my dad. Dad is a role model.”

Tania was speechless.


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