Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 702 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 702

It did not sit well with Tania that her son was so thoughtful toward her daughter–in- law.

It was a good thing her daughter-in–law showed more consideration than her son.

“Let me try.”

Tania took a bite out of the food Serenity served her.

After getting a taste, Tania wanted to say that her son was a better cook than Serenity, but it was not something she could say in good conscience. Tania debated in her mind for a while before deciding to go for the truth. “Zack can’t beat Serenity. You should spend some time in the kitchen and cook for Serenity more often.”

It could help the couple to bond too.

Tania trailed on, “But you usually are busy at work…”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t let Zachary into the kitchen during workdays.”

Mrs. Lane was part of the family now.

Tania was pleased with Serenity’s stance.

“Do you want the shrimp, Mom?” Zachary asked his mother.

“I had dinner, but Serenity asked me to be the judge of who is the better cook between you two. That’s why I tried. Carry on with your dinner. I’ll go and watch TV.”

Tania finished the food on her plate and put down her cutleries before getting up to leave the dining room.

Once his mother was gone, Zachary put the plate of shelled shrimp in front of Serenity and uttered tenderly, “Eat up, honey. Have some broth with it. It’s comforting and healthy.”

He made eyes at Serenity.

The face Zachary pulled nearly made Serenity barf.

It was hard to believe his stoic face would carry other animated expressions.

Clearing her throat, Serenity took a quick glance into the living room and found her mother–in–law taking a seat gracefully on the sofa. She gasped in awe at her mother- in–law’s cultured mannerisms. Tania was more of a lady than a lady in the TV series, displaying grace in the mere act of sitting down.

Zachary drew close and whispered in Serenity’s ear. “Fear not. Mom won’t peek at us.”

It would be a different story if Nana was here. Nana had the tendency to pry.

Mom was brought up in a way that she would not be furtive to look and hear.

“Do you still feel sore, Seren?”

A flush swept across Serenity’s face as she gently pushed Zachary away and whispered, “We’re having dinner. Behave.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

With the scorching sensation of his lips and tongue brushing against her cheeks, he said in a gruff voice, “It won’t hurt like that anymore.”

Serenity stuffed his mouth with shrimp.

“The food on the table isn’t enough to shut your mouth. Hurry up and eat. You might not be hungry, but I am.”

Zachary chuckled. Straightening his back, he picked up his cutleries and watched her eat while picking on his food…

“Is the food not to your liking?”

“You’re to my liking”

Serenity was lost for words.

The guy was becoming more of a smooth talker by the minute.

“You’re a feast for the eyes. I get a good appetite just watching you. I can have several helpings of the main course.”

Serenity served him some food.

“You worked all night to prepare dinner. Have some. I don’t want your mom to think I’m starving you.”

Zachary laughed.

Such life may be mundane, but he found happiness in its simplicity.

He hoped they would continue to be sweet and happy just like his parents.

His parents‘ relationship was still going strong after all these years.


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