Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 708 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 708

Zachary could not hide the embarrassment on his handsome face when he got a good look at the item.

Clive gave Zachary hell. Zachary reacted by going all the way to the convenience store and clearing the shelves. He did not even look at what he grabbed, so he had no idea the sanitary pads were caught among the stuff.

“You have a wife.”

Zachary threw the pack of sanitary pads back to Clive.

Clive burst into laughter.

Clive laughed so hard that Zachary wanted to pounce on him and strangle him!

In all the years of fighting, Zachary had never been so awkward before Clive.

Clive could not stop guffawing for a long time. Rubbing his belly, he said, “Zachary, are you trying to make me laugh to my grave so you can inherit my family’s fortune? Man, you’re killing me.”

“You better have a will written out to pass down your inheritance to me before you die laughing.”

Clive’s laughter mellowed into a chuckle. “You probably won’t think much about my fortune. I’m not as wealthy as you.”

“Well, better than nothing. Besides, your personal assets alone are worth several billion. I don’t mind taking over your fortune at all.”

Clive hurriedly got up and walked away before he killed himself laughing. He went to brew Zachary a pot of strong tea.

He returned to his seat on the sofa moments later. Clive poured Zachary a cup of tea and slid the cup across the table to Zachary.

Clive poured himself a glass of water.

It was bad for sleep to drink tea in the middle of the night. The sleepless night would have a direct effect on energy levels at work the following day.

In his mind, Zachary quietly called Clive out about his devious ploy.

He could forget about sleep if he were to take a sip or two of strong tea.

Clive himself was enjoying a glass of water.

Zachary had a feeling that he would not win on Clive’s turf.

“Is there something important for you to meet me here?”

Zachary refused to drink the cup of tea.

Although he would be wasting a few hours here, Zachary could sleep for a few hours with his wife in his arms before going to work if he stayed away from the tea.

Clive beckoned to Zachary and said, “Have some tea, Mr. York.”

“Thank you, but I don’t like tea. Besides, it’s late. The tea will disrupt my sleep routine.”

Clive pulled a long face on purpose. “Are you trying to be rude?”

Zachary fearlessly looked at Clive without breaking his stare, pointing out, “You’re Seren’s cousin. Even if you haven’t bonded with her since the relationship’s new, you should at least be considerate of her. She’ll bear the brunt if I lose sleep the entire night.”

Clive was at a loss for words.

The pair engaged in a stare–down before Clive put on a solemn face. He asked Zachary, “What’s the meaning of you keeping your identity from Serenity? Are you worried she’ll go after your money after learning who you are?”

“I bet you already got your answer from Seren. I can’t be bothered to answer you. Cut to the chase. It’s late. You might not want to go home, but I miss Seren.”

Since they finally had their wedding night today, Zachary did not want to waste any time with Clive.

Clive was speechless.

How could his nemesis become his cousin–in–law?

On second thought, Clive was relieved that Zachary was not in love with his sister. Otherwise, Zachary would just get on his nerves every day.

It was difficult to make a tough nut like Zachary yield.

“Elisa. I’m most concerned about Elisa’s feelings.”

Clive got on with it.

There was sarcasm in Zachary’s eyes. He knew that Clive had Elisa’s best interest at heart, not Serenity’s.

Clive had the nerve to act like he was the older cousin.

“Now that you’re back from your business trip, you should steer clear of Elisa if you intend to visit my parents with Serenity. You know how madly in love Elisa is with you. Although she stopped pestering you, she hasn’t let go of her feelings for you completely. If she finds out you’re Serenity’s husband…”

Clive did not have to finish his sentence as Zachary got the hint.


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