Married at First Sight Chapter 1838 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1838 by desirenovel-“Are you at your third uncle’s place now?” Liberty knew that the third uncle in his son’s mouth was Kevin.

Sonny hummed, “Now I’m here with third uncle, and I’m going to fly soon. I don’t know where to go. Grandma and auntie have the final say.”

Sonny ate, drank and played with his aunt and grandma.

Liberty asked him again: “Are you using your aunt’s new mobile phone to call mother?”

Sonny: “No, it’s third uncle’s, and my aunt’s mobile phone is charging.”

Liberty said, “Where is your aunt? Let you Auntie, listen to the phone.”

Sonny: “I’ll go find my auntie, Mom, wait for a while.”

Sonny went to find Serenity while talking, and Kevin followed him, for fear that he would run too fast and fall down.

“Auntie, Mom wants to talk to you.” Sonny found Serenity, and immediately handed the phone to Serenity.

Serenity answered the phone and called her sister.

“Serenity, you use your newly bought mobile phone to send messages or make calls to Zachary, and you are the same. You don’t tell Zachary in advance when you go on a trip. You are not at home. He seems to have lost his soul. On the big weekend, he’s not in the mood to play, hw can’t eat, can’t sleep well, and have dark circles under hs eyes. He’s here with your sister, and I cooked noodles for him, but he can’t eat, and he says he misses you.”

Liberty first said something to her sister, then walked away a few steps, distanced herself from Zachary, and asked her sister in a low voice: “Serenity, you and Zachary have no conflicts, right? Zachary is always guessing. Did you do something wrong? Grandma vented her anger for you, just treat him like this.”

Serenity heard that her husband couldn’t eat or sleep well, so she first asked with concern: “Is it true that Zachary can’t eat? It’s not the first time for me to travel far, and I often travel on business.”

Liberty” “You usually go on business trips every now and then Within a few days, he can talk to you, send messages, and make videos. This time, if you didn’t tell him, he would be upset. He still doesn’t know your return date, and even if you change your mobile phone and go out, he will feel uncomfortable. It’s true that he has no appetite, and he can’t eat the noodles his sister made for him. There are also dark circles under his eyes, and it’s because he didn’t sleep well. He still looks like a resentful husband, and you know that he has such a temper and I don’t know how to tell him in advance.”

Serenity said: “He complained in front of grandma that I was only focused on making money and ignored him, so grandma took me out, let me really ignore him once, let me try to ignore him. The real taste of this, so as not to always complain about me in the future. I have never complained that he is busy with work and has no time to accompany me. When I am busy, he complains about me, always like a resentful husband.”

Thinking of her husband’s resentful face, Serenity couldn’t help laughing.

“For a man falling in love for the first time, it is like that. Zachary is a domineering and self-centered man. For you, he has undergone a lot of change, and you simply leave him alone for two days. To avoid getting hurt, don’t forget to get in touch with him. He does not feel like going to work today.”

Serenity: “Sister, I got it.”

“Zachary wants to talk to you now.” After Liberty finished speaking, she walked back to Zachary, handed the phone to Zachary, and said to Zachary: “Sonny used Kevin’s cell phone and called, Serenity and the others are now at Kevin’s place,

Zachary: “where is Kevin?”

Liberty: “He is in Jensburg now.”

Zachary knew the whereabouts of his beloved wife, and planned to fly to Jensburg later, but who knew Liberty added a sentence: “Sonny said that they will leave Jensburg soon.”

Zachary immediately took the mobile phone from Liberty.

Liberty walked away knowingly, and let the young couple chat with each other on the phone.

“Seren, you are so cruel, you don’t tell me when you go on a trip, so that I can arrange the company’s affairs in advance and go out with you to play.”

Zachary complained on the phone that Serenity left him and ran away.

“Grandma brought me up temporarily, so we went on a casual trip. Thinking that you’ve been so busy recently, it’s not easy to take up your working time, so I didn’t tell you.”

Zachary muttered something in a low voice, and called Serenity over there couldn’t hear what he said clearly.


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