Married at First Sight Chapter 1841 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1841 by desirenovel-Listening to Sonny’s words, Grandma May smiled, “Yes, how could Sonny think of you while he was having fun?”

Kevin said to Sonny: “Sonny, you can coax the third uncle, you always tell the truth and make the third uncle uncomfortable.”

Sonny’s big eyes flashed, and said: “My mother and aunt have both taught me the value of telling the truth and not lying.”

He was an obedient child, and he remembered what his mother and aunt taught him.

Serenity smiled and said: “Yes, Sonny is a truthful boy; a good boy simply cannot tell a lie.”

Sonny slipped into his aunt’s arms.

Serenity picked him up, let him sit on her lap, smiled and said to Kevin: “Kevin, you are very low on Sonny’s list of priorities. He frequently asked the ninth uncle. If the ninth uncle was in front of him, he never mentioned you as the third uncle.”

Because Kevin rarely interacted with Sonny, much less played with him.

Rowan had a lot of fun with Sonny, and the little guy remembered Uncle Rowan and would occasionally ask Serenity when he could play with Uncle Rowan..

Kevin got into the car, and he said while driving: “Sister-in-law, I will take Sonny to Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner often in the future, and Sonny will get to know me well.”

Serenity smiled: “You may not have a long time at the Wiltspoon Hotel.”

Kevin smiled and stopped talking.

Grandma and the others had given him a one-year period, and now more than half a year had passed. If he didn’t work harder, the gate of Wildridge Manor might not be opened for him during the New Year this year.

Kevin sent the three of them to the airport, and he came back from the airport after Serenity boarded the plane.

Instead of going back to the hotel directly, he drove to Queen Enterprise.

Queen Enterprise was different from York Corporation. They didn’t have weekends and only have Sundays off every week.

Kevin had never before visited Queen Enterprise. Although Kevin was well-known in Jensburg, he was unknown in Queen Enterprise. Even if he gave his name, the front desk would stop him.

After the front desk made an internal call to notify Hayden’s secretary, and the secretary asked Hayden for instructions, The Third Young Master York could see Hayden.

Hayden was processing the documents, and Kevin, led by the secretary, knocked on the door and entered her office, and saw a lot of documents on her desk that needed her to review and sign.

Although Hayden was already in charge of the Queen Enterprise, Donald was still recognized as the company’s chairman.

“Mr. Queen, Mr. York is here.”

Kevin could see why Hayden employed a male secretary because he was a woman himself. She had always pretended to be a man, despite being a woman. She was concerned that because of her attractiveness—in the words of a female secretary—the female secretary would fall in love with her.

Now, she had many admirers, it could be said that she was the dream lover of many girls.

The male secretary stopped at Hayden’s desk and said to Hayden respectfully.

“Mr. York, please sit down. And pour a glass of water for Mr. York.” Hayden ordered in a low voice, her eyes still resting on the document, and after a while, she picked up a pen and signed her name on the document, then closed the document. After reading the document, she got up, walked around the half-moon-shaped desk, and walked towards Kevin.

The male secretary had already poured Kevin a glass of warm water.

“Mr. Queen.” Kevin stood up, and when Hayden approached, he extended his right hand to shake Hayden’s hand.


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